Liftmore 10.22.15

Liftmore 10.22.15

PSKC CrossFit – Liftmore (Olympic Lifting)



1: Split Jerk with 2 Second Pause (5 x 2, Climbing)

Dip the knees out and maintain a vertical torso. Pause at the “bottom” of the dip for two (2) seconds before exploding all effort into the bar and performing a split jerk.
Focus on getting deep into a split and reaching with the lead foot.


2: 2 Cleans + 1 Jerk from the Blocks (7 x 2, climbing)

Set the bar up so it rests at the mid thigh on the blocks. Focus on finishing the pull and a quick drive underneath the bar. Complete one jerk after the last clean.


3a: GHD Situps (3 x 15)

Alternate between the GHD situps and plank after each set.

3b: Plank (3 x 45 seconds)

Front leaning rest.
Add weight if so desired.

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