Liftmore 10.13.15

Liftmore 10.13.15

PSKC CrossFit – Liftmore (Olympic Lifting)


1: Jerk Recovery (5 x 3, Climbing.)
We’ll set up the safety spotter bars and/or use to the power rig to achieve this setup. The intent is to train footwork and comfort during recovery from a proper (deep) split jerk.

2: 3 Position Clean (Work up to a heavy set)

1 x High hang squat clean

1 x low hang squat clean

1 x full clean (touch floor)
Retesting again this week. Compare to 8.14.15. Complete one (1) jerk of any style after the last clean as well.


3: Snatch Grip Dimmel Deadlift (3 x 20 @ 60% of max snatch)

Feel free to use straps. Start in the power position and then shift the weight back to your heels and let the bar travel just below your knee then return to the power position.

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