Learning to Believe Again

Learning to Believe Again



We wanted to share this story with you all from one of Coach Hammer’s clients (Dale Powell) who is a professor at Shawnee State. As you can see, a little bit of confidence through increased capability can go a long way.


“I started working out with a PSKC CrossFit trainer about a month ago. At 53 years of age, I considered my days of working out to be over. After all, I was semi-retired, and my usual exercise consisted mostly of a clicking a keyboard or a remote control. My outlook was pretty bleak; I had already lived longer than my two older brothers, and since my last A1C diabetic reading was 8.3, I was resigned to the fact that I wouldn’t have a lot of time left either.
One day while talking with one of my university students (I teach English at SSU), I learned about PSKC CrossFit. I had heard of CrossFit, but I really didn’t know much about it. My student, as it turned out, is a trainer at PSKC CrossFit (Michael Longmire), and he convinced me that my future need not be so bleak. Reluctantly, I let him give me a tour of the PSKC facility. My nerves were on edge as I walked in, but I was put quickly at ease, and Michael assured me that I could do this. More importantly, he told me that he would meet me at whatever physical condition I was in and pick me up.
He did what he promised and more.
Within ten days, friends and co-workers were commenting that I seemed happier than I had been in quite a while. Also, the hard work that Michael was putting me through made me very conscious of everything I was putting in my body. (They don’t call him “Hammer” for nothing). Little by little, I started changing what I was eating. Combined with the workouts and my eating, I lowered my A1C to 6.2 in less than a month. This reading is well within my target management and almost out of the diabetic range. I am not saying this would be the case for everyone, but I do know this: It would not have happened had I not received the services of PSKC CrossFit. Thirty-five days into this adventure, I have dropped 13 pounds. Everyone I have met at PSKC has been friendly and non-judgmental. I am looking forward to where the future chapters of this journey will take me. I’m not saying it has been easy, but it has been rewarding.”

-Dale Powell, Retired Teacher and Current Adjunct Professor at Shawnee State University

Too often we throw in the towel and believe our best days are behind us. We give in and start to lose the belief in ourselves. Weak bodies create weak mind which leads to weak spirit and ultimately weak health. All it takes sometimes is for the teacher to become the student…


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