Latest Gauntlet Sponsor: Infidel USA

Latest Gauntlet Sponsor: Infidel USA

Infidel USA is now the latest sponsor for the 2012 Gauntlet! We are pumped to have them on board! Infidel USA is a company that is proud to support the military and first responder communities. Infidel’s mission statement:

“Infidel is a patriot owned business and launched there first apparel design July 4, 2011. After the birth of INFIDEL USA we increased our already firm commitment to supporting those in the Military, Police and 9-11 communities.

Infidel is growing organically through the CrossFit community. Infidel does not spend large amounts of money on ads but instead the brand is advertised through CrossFitters, Warriors & Fighters.

Our key philosophy is to take care of the Marines, Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Police, Firefighters and Civilians that we service. We do this by being honest in our dealings and by having full integrity in all transactions. This core attitude has given us explosive growth this past year.

We started humbly in a garage selling a few shirts Made in the U.S.A., as well as selling the MURPH Hero WOD Shirt that kicked off this company. Now we operate world wide distributing thousands of U.S.A. Made CrossFit weaponry. As we have grown to a full line CrossFit/Military/MMA/UFC Company we have never forgotten who put us on the map… our customers.”

Check out their great gear by clicking HERE

Winners and selected receipients will receive some awesome Infidel gear!
I want to send a big thanks to John, owner of Infidel, for stepping up. Once I mentioned that we were raising funds to support our local Marine recruiting station. He jumped at the chance to support the troops.

Don’t forget registration closes May 19th. Currently we are around 50% full, we are capping the event at 60 folks. So get in while you can!

Also, we are gearing up for another crazy Hike for Hospice on May 19th! See below for a recap from last year:

This year we gathering teams for a stretcher/litter carry. We need a minimum of 5 person teams. 4 people will carry the 5th person on a military field stretcher. Every 30 seconds or so the person being carried will rotate out and a new person will be carried. We will keep this up for the entire 5K.

It will be a great test of physical and mental endurance and you will learn to rely on the team.  Just like last year you will feel accomplished and amazing when it’s complete. Plus you will be helping out a great organization like SOMC Hospice in the process. Even if you don’t wanna do the stretcher carry. You could put a rock on, or just come along to support.

Post on the Facebook page if you’re interested. We’d love to have you.

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