Last Chance to Receive Founders Discount!

Last Chance to Receive Founders Discount!

Tuesday’s intro at 5pm will mark the last chance for new folks to get locked in at the $50/month rate. The new rates ($65/month $7/day) will go into effect after September 1st (for more details on the new rates click HERE).

So now is the time to get in! You will save $150 over the course of a year by simply attending the last intro class of the first year and getting locked into the Founders rate.

Her name is Diesel and she will hunt you down..

The day pass is increasing across the board from $5 to $7. So for those who pay per class you will need to run the numbers and see which is more beneficial for you. If you’re currently training more than 7 times a month ($49), the best thing to do is get locked in at the $50/month Founders rate.

This also is the last week of our current schedule. The new and improved schedule goes into effect next Monday, September 5th (click HERE for details).

Tonight we went back to the basics with a nasty lil kettlebell and bodyweight circuit courtesy of my boys at the Training Room. We broke it down into 2 circuits of :40w/:20r x 4 rounds of:

Circuit A
Goblet Squats
Ring Rows

Circuit B
Alternating or Gorilla Cleans
See Saw Press
Russian Twists

the end result

See you guys for a lil awesome Tough Mudder action tomorrow at the 9am or 5pm options!

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