LaFontaine is French for "le deadlift"

LaFontaine is French for "le deadlift"

all about positioning

Tonight we focused on the deadlift for the strength portion of the workout. A lot of people are scared by this lift. But if done correctly it is one of the best things you can do for your body. Zak had pretty foul form when he first started out. When he first started he had his own unique squat/sumo/deadlift/frog thing going on. But over time, we slowly tweaked and made corrections to his technique. Tonight it as simple as moving the feet in closer, dropping the butt down, and opening the chest. The next thing you know, he pulled 405 for 5 reps, and then decided to do go for 435 (see above). This kid is young and very STRONG. Interesting fact, I learned tonight that he used to weigh 265 in high school! The only good thing about that is that now he has the strength of a 265 lineman in a 190lb body…

So you’re saying “yeah we get, the kid is a beast, blah, blah”…easy Debbie Downer. What is equally cool is watching a 51 year old mom/nurse “make the bar her b!tch”…Barb hit pulled well over 200 today!

Bad Ass Barb

Deadlifting is just cool. And you should be doing it…pick something heavy off the ground. But make sure you get with someone who can show you how you to do it and do it right (enter shameless plug for PSKC). Whether you’re a 22 year old freak or a 51 cougar…deadlifting is for you. 
right there too..
PS..deadlifting won’t make you big, bulky, and slow either
After the deadlift work we went into an alternating ladder of kettlebell snatches and pushups:
10-8-6-4-2 snatches each arm
4-8-12-16-20 pushups
Don’t forget tomorrow’s option include the 9am and 5pm. Also, the time for the 9-11 Throwdown will be Sunday at 9am! Get out there and start collecting donations from friends, family, and co-workers!
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