Laboring Away on Labor Day

Laboring Away on Labor Day

Julie getting some!

There are no holidays at PSKC. While most gyms are typically dead on a holiday, PSKC is cranking away. This morning we had a special labor day workout to that honored the 31 military heroes who recently were killed in Afghanistan. It was a 31 min partner AMRAP.

Partner 1 did
8 clean and jerks (155/105)
6 rope climbs
11 box jumps
Partner 2 was doing a sandbag run around the compound. Once partner 2 was complete, they caught up to partner 1 and picked up where they left off in the workout.

The Real McCoy has been killing it lately! This dude will be tearing it up in the very near future
the 7 footer makes everything look small
human movement has no age restriction 

Don’t forget about very special fundraiser that takes place this Sunday, September 11th. Click HERE for details. You can donate directly to the DHP website, or you can donate when you’re come to the gym. I’ve set a goal for 2 grand. With your support I know we can get there and support our wounded warriors as we remember the 10 year anniversary of 9/11.

Don’t forget, new schedule is now in effect. See you tomorrow for the 5pm and 6pm options!

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