Beginning this week we are happy to bring on a full time kids room supervisor to man the Kids Room. The following are the Kids Room hours:
Monday – 430pm – 630pm

Tuesday – 530pm – 630pm

Wednesday – 430pm – 630pm

Thursday – 530pm – 630pm

Friday – 530pm – 630pm

Saturday: 9am – 10am


1) $5 per child per visit

2) 2 0r more kids = $3 each additional child

3) Monthly Unlimited = $40/monthly

A few simple rules will allow for a win/win situation. Below you’ll find the code of conduct and associated rules with bringing your kids and usage of the kids room.


This is a service we are offering however it is NOT daycare. It’s just a chance to drop your kiddos off while you guys get your workout on. There are some important and non-negotiable RULES regarding usage of the kids room:

You must sign the waiver and pay when you pick up your little ones. You can elect to have your account charged.

You are responsible for your kids, not us. If an issue comes up with your child, you will be notified and it’s your responsibility to stop the workout and take care of it.

Once your kid is in the room, they will stay in the room.

Get to class 5-10 minutes early to drop off your kid so that you can start the workout on time.

NO FOOD/DRINKS except water allowed in the room.

NO DRAMA: The Kids Room is a drama-free zone. Kids will be kids, but we expect their parents to act like the grown-ups they are. If too many conflicts and grievances arise between kids and/or parents, we will ask that you not bring your children. ‘

NO SICK KIDS: Don’t bring your kid in if they’re sick. Runny noses, coughing, pink eye, fever, head lice, jungle rot – whatever they’ve caught, we don’t want to catch it too.


If you and/or your child fail to abide by the code of conduct they will not be permitted to be at the gym.

If you can’t make the scheduled kids room hours, no problem,  bring the little ones along with you. However, you are responsible for your kids, not us. If your child is crying or needs attention, drop the barbell, climb down from the rope, stop your WOD, and please take care of it. The child cannot be disruptive to the training process or become a hazard on the floor. If this is the case, you must rectify the issue.

TURF ONLY: The only approved area for your kids to hang out is on the turf. They must stay out of the offices, upstairs, and gym floor. They must remain out of the way during warmups and any other time we are using the turf. No ball throwing or throwing of anything else either. If they bust, break, scratch anything you are responsible to pay for it.

NO KIDS ON THE GYM FLOOR – This is not negotiable. We can’t have kids distracting others while working out and we can’t have kids getting hurt. Athletes should not have to dodge little ones when dropping weight or doing other movements.

NO KIDS ON THE EQUIPMENT –  No rings, no ropes, no rowers, nada. If your child is on a piece of equipment and you, the parent, do not tell them to get off, the trainer will address the issue. We have no problem bringing the wrath.

NO SICK KIDS- If your child is sick, do not bring them to the gym regardless of how bad you wish to work out. The sickness spreads and affects other families as well as the operation of the gym.

We want to everyone to be on the same page regarding the kids policy. We  want to provide you guys with a great atmosphere to CrossFit and not have to worry about your kids. We’re going the extra mile for you all and just ask you abide by the rules.  We don’t foresee any issues at all and look forward to giving you guys the opportunity to workout without worrying about your kiddos.

Thanks for your cooperation!

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