kicking off Labor Day Weekend…

kicking off Labor Day Weekend…

Regularly scheduled class will be going down on Monday:
Kettlebell Intro at 6pm
Regular Class at 7pm

Beginning this Monday, we will offer intro sessions every Monday and Thursday at 6pm. Intro sessions are MANDATORY for people who are unfamiliar with kettlebell training. Cost of the intro is $20 which includes your first class, you don’t owe the $20 until after you finished your first class.


 If you don’t like training at the PSKC and never want to come back. Keep your money, plain and simple…you don’t owe us anything. After your first class, simply tell one of the coaches “thanks but no thanks”. You won’t be judged. I’m not here to charge people something they won’t use. My success is built upon your success. However, I’m confident in the fact that once you get a little taste, you will be back again, and again, and again. You will be a regular and you’ll bring your friends along too. How do I know this?

The impossible starts becoming possible, you start to see results, you feel stronger, fitter, and just flat out better. It’s a story repeated several times over. Just ask the people who have been doing this for a while…

Saturday’s Pain Clinic Action:

Although most of the regulars were spending the day at the River Days Parade, we still had around 10 folks come in and get introduced to the concept of “partner suffering” aka BLUE FALCON workouts, specifically meaning the longer it took your partner to complete a task, the longer you remained under physical stress. The stations included sledgehammer strikes while your partner did shuttle sprints. The griptastic 15Xswings while your partner did a dead hang from the bar. 20Xsquats while your partner “rested” in the front leaning rest on rings, and finally bear crawls while your partner did farmers carry holds. No better way to start off a holiday weekend.

Big props to Tiffany and Tash….I love these girls’ attitudes. What is it with all these West Siders wrecking shop at PSKC? I hate to say anything good about the West Side, but damn they do raise them tough out there.


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