It’s time for our monthly bring a friend Pain Clinic! Come down this Saturday at 9am for free partner workout and a chance to try out PSKC. The workout is for ALL levels and everything can be scaled and modified to each individual. Just come ready for a great workout and a great time. Just show up around 8:45am to sign the waiver and we’ll get you rocking.

The following Monday,14JUL at 530pm we will be having our next CrossFit 101 course. We currently have 3 slots available for this month’s 101 course, be sure to email mo@www.pskccrossfit.com to grab your slot.

Still on the fence? Don’t know if you’re ready yet? Check out what our members had to say about starting out. Each and every one of them have been in your shoes.

“Don’t get overwhelmed, trust your coaches they will get you where you want to be. Keep a journal from the beginning so you can go back and see your progress. Enjoy the journey! One more if you are walking through PSKC doors prepare to meet some of the most amazing, care, and loving people. You will show up for the workouts you will stay because of the people.”

“I joined because I wanted to try something new and exciting. I keep coming back for more because of the people I get to workout with!!! #drankthekoolaid”

“Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle and end. It takes time. You will go thru victories and frustration but stick it out. You are worth it!”

Don’t compare yourself to others.. It’s you vs. you!”

“Throw yourself into it head first with everything you have!! Enjoy the journey & embrace this new group of people & challenges! Don’t over think it or worry about your fears! Just do it!!! Stick with it for at least 1, 6 week, cycle before you form an opinion….by that time I’m confident you will be head over heels in love!!!”

“Starting your fitness journey is a process. Don’t get frustrated when you do not see immediate results, stick it out & the end result will be extremely rewarding.”

“Everyone starts from somewhere! There are people at all different athletic levels and physical appearances. Don’t be intimated and don’t compare yourself with other members.”

“If you’re thinking you’re too old to experience CrossFit, than you’re sadly mistaking. It’s all a false mindset. Wish I would have joined years ago. You can go beyond and above what you never imagined. It’s never too late!”

“If you can gather the courage to walk in the door you’ve got it licked! You’ll never meet a more encouraging group of coaches and members.”

“Keep coming back. It is the most awesome place to workout. Everybody helps and encourage each other. We are one big happy family. Don’t worry about how much everybody else does. Go out and have fun”

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