July 4th Schedule – Saturday 10am PSKC Intro

July 4th Schedule – Saturday 10am PSKC Intro

Drawing people in even across state lines…the awesome group from Wednesday’s intro

Wednesday was a packed house! A huge intro followed up by a huge class! We are growing by the week and we couldn’t be happier.

big thanks to our Kentucky friends..

If you are willing to come in and give us your all, we are here for you. You will not find a more welcoming, encouraging, and hard working group of people. Our doors are welcome to all…MMA fighters, soldiers, single moms, and grandmothers…no matter who you are you are treated equal. And we will not lower the standard for you…we will teach you to rise above it..

I love this comment on the Facebook page from Julie…
“If I were a realistic thinking kind of girl, I’d still be on the couch. Because realistically, I couldn’t do anything the first time I came to PSKC”

the photo is blurry…but the determination still comes through

Julie is still relatively new to PSKC (around 2 months), and she is tearing it up. A self admitted couch potato, after several years of physical inactivity, she finally gained the courage to walk through the door (this was after a month or two of back and forth emails with me). I can only imagine her nervousness as she finally made the decision…for far too long she caged herself by believing what she could NOT do. All it took was a place and group of people to believe in her for her to believe in herself. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to make it sound easy. Easy is not what we are about. Anyone that trains alongside Julie knows one thing…that chick brings it and she trains with a unique type of intensity. I would venture to say this intensity is a product of realizing that she is capable of incredible things….Julie definitely is…and you are too…believe 

Okay, it’s Holiday time! And as I write this..Shep, Mo, and Ann are delivering an awesome class as the wife and I are on vacation. Don’t worry we just completed a hotel workout, of dumbbell snatches and burpees 10-1, 2-10. Thanks to Uncle Mike from the Training Room for the inspiration…ANYWAYS…

Here’s the schedule for the 4th of July weekend…
Friday – 9am Kettlebell strength and Conditioning
Saturday – 9am Pain Clinic, 10am PSKC Intro
Monday – 9am Kettlebell Strength and Conditioning…EVENING CLASSES ARE CANCELLED!

Have a wonderful time this weekend. Be safe, have fun, and make sure your friends and family know you love them. Take a minute to reflect on those incredibly brave and amazing rag tag group of rebels who got fed up with bullshit from the “man” and started a revolution. No one in the world believed in them….EXCEPT THEMSELVES, and that’s all it took. From that belief the greatest country in the world was born…

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