Join the Scioto County Health Coalition

Join the Scioto County Health Coalition

Our community needs your help. Currently, Scioto County holds the infamous title of “unhealthiest” counties in the state of Ohio. We are ranked last in “health outcomes” and next to last in “health factors”. Not only are we ranked last in the state of Ohio, according to a Wall St. Journal article Scioto County is ranked 8th most unhealthy County in AMERICA…

8. Scioto, Ohio

> Premature deaths (years of life lost per 100,000): 11,262 (44th highest)

> Percent reporting fair or poor health: 26% (27th highest)

> Unemployment: 12.8%

> Children in poverty: 32% (84th highest)

> Largest municipality: Portsmouth

On average, residents of Scioto, Ohio, report being physically unhealthy 7.1 days out of each month — the second-highest rate in the country. They also report being mentally unhealthy 6.2 days each month, which is the fifth-highest rate in the country. As is the case with many other counties on this list, Scioto has a number of particularly unhealthy behavioral traits. For example, 36% of residents are smokers — the country’s highest rate. The county also has among the highest rates of preventable hospital stays among medicare enrollees.

Click HERE for the full article.

The city health commissioner and PSKC member Chris Smith aka the “Commish” is asking for your support to help combat this epic problem.  Read below for a message from the Commish:

Please click HERE for a signup sheet for the new Scioto County Health Coalition.  The details are in the link, but it is basically a large coalition of individuals, government agencies, businesses, and non-profits interested in moving Scioto County up from its ranking of 88/88 in health factors among Ohio Counties.  There will be a big emphasis on health and wellness.  We really need to combat our obesity issue in Scioto County, and there is no one better to be involved than the PSKC group!

Please consider sending in the signup sheet or you can just let me know that you are interested and I will get you added to the email list.

IMPORTANT:  Signing up for the email list does not obligate you in any way to meetings or other time commitments

Also, please make copies of the attachment and help recruit, put the sign up info on your Facebook, anything you can think of.  To make a real difference, we need to get as many people involved as possible!


Chris Smith, MA, RS

Health Commissioner

Your community needs your help. You have a choice to do something to help or you can choose to sit back and watch the problem get worse and fester.

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