Jaimi’s Journey

Jaimi’s Journey


Meet Jaimi – Jaimi is supposed has muscular dystrophy, specifically limb girdle muscular dystrophy. It’s a term for a group of diseases that cause weakness and wasting of the muscles in the arms and legs. The muscles most affected are those closest to the body (proximal muscles), specifically the muscles of the shoulders, upper arms, pelvic area, and thighs. Her doctors told her she should be in a wheelchair by now, apparently Jaimi had other ideas

With MD, normal everyday tasks are a struggle – walking, sitting down and standing up, getting up a flight of stairs. Things you and I take for granted on a daily basis.

She was ready to fight. A good friend of hers saw the athletes of  Team Some Assembly Required and knew there had to be a different way.

We were honored to have an opportunity to help. The first thing we explained was that Jaimi is NOT disabled nor handicapped, her condition does not define her. She is an adaptive athlete. She has a condition unlike most folks and she has to find a way to adapt to it.

The next part was assessing the limitations and developing a program to increase her functionality. She still needs to walk, sit down and stand up, etc. A key example of adapting is taking an exercise/movement and scaling down to the individual’s needs. For example, if you fall down you have to get back up. There is no better exercise to teach that than the Turkish Get Up.

See below for how we have Jaimi adapt to that movement:

For this specific example we are working the get up/ sit up portion of the movement developing strength through the core/midline.

The rest of the sessions are designed to restore range of motion through the joints and gain back some mobility and strength. We do this through functional movements scaled down to her level. At this point squatting to a box without assistance is a work in progress. So what we’ve found is that simple walking movements are reaping the most reward for gaining strength back into the legs. Movements such as sled dragging/pulling/pushing and farmers carry.

However, the key element is mental. Jaimi is incredibly strong willed and gains confidence, courage, and strength with each session. The mind is primary. She refuses to be defined by her disease. Join us on Jaimi’s journey as we will be posting regular videos and progress updates to see if we can find a way to use CrossFit to slow down MD.

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