We’ve all heard it before…time and time again. Portsmouth is a shit hole…nothing positive has happened there since…..??

Go anywhere outside the county and people will ask you about the drug problem and now associated crime problem. Hell my car has been broken into for a shitty GPS that got me lost more than found…but some pillbilly needed to turn a quick $20 to score some mind/body numbers to get his/her fix. Ask Wes, that dude lives in a damn retirement community and his place got broken into for some framed jerseys and a Playstation.


Blame is easy, blame is wonderful, it’s intoxicating, it’s contagious. It’s never your fault. Ever gotten a speeding ticket? It’s always the stupid ass Trooper’s fault for pulling you over. Didn’t he have anything better to do than write you a ticket for going 65 in a 55? I mean really, shouldn’t he be more concerned about far more devious criminals than yourself?

Hey shithead, don’t want a speeding ticket? Don’t speed… Nevermind the fact that he is doing his JOB. And never mind the fact that the majority of drug busts in our area are uncovered during routine traffic stops. Next time, be so bold as to thank him.

Stop looking to blame others for your problems. Step up…take responsibility for your actions and equally important YOUR LACK OF ACTION

I’m not going to stop there, we’re going one step further. The problem our community is facing is YOUR problem. WTF? You’re thinking, “dude c’mon…I have never even been around drugs, I don’t even associate with those zombies/pillbillies. There is no way it’s MY problem.”

The majority of people will agree with you but the majority of people in this community are WEAK. Sometimes it ain’t so good to be in the majority if weakness, apathy, and mediocrity are the majority views. Being the loud, radical, raging, miniority can be so much cooler (Jesus anybody?).

So if you don’t do drugs, don’t associate with people who do them…how is it still your problem? Let’s answer this question with a question.

What are you doing to fix the problem?

It’s all too EASY to sit in your nice house up in Indian Hills, Wheelersburg, West Side, Feurt Hill, etc…and say “damn, look at this mess. I’ve never seen it so bad. Portsmouth never used to be like this when I was growing up.”

Well here’s why it got so bad….YOU LET IT!. Not the Governor, not the Mayor, not the Police…YOU LET IT HAPPEN BECAUSE YOU DID NOTHING TO STOP IT. That’s weak sauce to pass the blame onto others because you failed to take action.

We are in a fight for our community. We don’t need nice people who live in nice homes that DO NOTHING. We need hardened, fierce, radical, physically and mentally STRONG people to step up and take the power back.

Stop waiting for things to happen….when faced with inaction..TAKE ACTION. 

Here is an amazing example of exactly what I’m talking about. On Chillicothe Street there sits a small church you’ve probably never heard about. It’s called REVOLUTION, and they are doing exactly that. In my opinion, far too many preachers PREACH and don’t do anything. Jesus talked the talk, but more importantly he walked the walk.

Ever been to the East End of Portsmouth lately? I did a lil driving tour a while back to make that video, and it’s bad, I’ve been to some bad neighborhoods in my life…and the East End is up there. When’s the last time anyone/anything tried to go help that area out? Revolution is…they aren’t there for a day or two…they bought a house and live there.

“Their mission — walks the streets and form relationships with drug dealers and abusers and prostitutes, to help them get off these mean streets and into treatment.
Rawlings says Revolution House is the first of several East End homes the church intends to buy. He says it’s known nationwide as a “re-neighboring” ministry with a proven track record.”

Please read the full article HERE: 

Stop thinking it’s not your problem. Stop thinking you have no power, stop being weak.


Fight….keep fighting…..look at has happened so far. The politicians can’t solve it…the Doctors can’t solve it…stop looking to other to fix your problem. Awake yourself from the comfortable and “safe” existence..go make a difference. Be an example for others to follow.

No matter what your choice of action will be, at PSKC we equip with mental and physical strength to accomplish the task. By having a strong and capable body…it produces a strong and capable mind. Think about it…right now ask yourself…Are you strong and capable? Can you do anything that life may require you do? If you’re not strong and capable…than you are what???  WEAK AND INCAPABLE.

And it’s weakness and incability that has allowed this town to go downhill. It is only strength and tenacity that will right the course.

Which will you choose?

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