It’s here baby! We are in a final preparation to support 70 athletes and a couple hundred spectators. From Michigan to North Carolina we have a massive amount of awesomeness we’re gonna pack into Saturday.

A couple of final notes/reminders for Saturday.

1) Be awesome
2) Have fun
3) Don’t be a dick

One thing we will not tolerate is being disrespectful. If you get no repped or a mistake is made, be the better person. The worst thing on Earth is to watch an an athlete bitch to a judge. These guys are volunteering their time to support the athletes and put on a great event. If there’s any issues about judging and/or scorekeeping see me (Dale). If you make any drama about it, you’ll be asked to leave. Now onto the cool stuff…

Use this link to get to the compound:

Park off of 10th St., no parking will be made available inside the gym. We’ll be using our parking lot to support the event.

No food will be made available inside the gym, however our great friends at the Garage Cafe are hooking us up! Each competitor will receive a $1 off coupon for any menu item, including the awesome PSKC PALEO BOWL! Plus the Garage Cafe is only 1/2 mile from the gym.

Feel free to bring a canopy/tent to set up in the front parking lot for you and your crew. Go tailgate style and have some fun.

0800-0830 – Registration/Judges Briefing
0830-0900 – Athlete Briefing and Warmup
0900 – We’re going live!

Make sure you’re there with enough time to register, get your spot set up, warmup and get ready to go.

We’ve had a couple last minutes drops and switches. We’ll make the heat schedule available on Saturday morning. Plus we could have a few late minutes spots open up the morning of the Gauntlet. Let us know if you’re interested.

We will meet up for tasty food and more importantly great brew at the Portsmouth Brewery at 5pm. If you’re staying in town we’d love to have you for a great time.

We are gonna have an awesome time this Saturday!

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