It All Starts Tomorrow!

It All Starts Tomorrow!


The 2016 PSKC Friday Night Lights kicks off tomorrow! We are currently 3rd in the Central East with close to 100 athletes registered. Not bad for a tiny town of 20,000 people. 

Here’s what you can expect for the Opening week of Friday Night Lights:

Thursday 8pm – Workout 16.1 will be announced. Some of us will be at the gym, if you’d like to come down and watch the announcement there. Otherwise tune into for 16.1


5:30pm – Opening Ceremonies we will introduce the teams, brief the workout standards and general flow for the evening. Immediately after the opening ceremonies, we will start the heats.

Depending upon the workout, we will try to do 10-15 athletes per heat. We will continue to do heats until all athletes have completed the 16.1. As you show up we’ll assign to a heat. Warm-ups will be each of your responsibility.  

After/before your heat – stick around to cheer on your teammates and everyone else. What makes Friday Night Lights so special is YOU and the encouragement and positive energy you offer one another.

FOOD- we have a very special treat for you guys. Our very own Wirty will be providing marinated steak and sweet potatoes :) Cost is only $8. If that’s not enough carbs, feel free to BYOB and celebrate with some beers with your teammates when you’re heat is over.

SCORING: You earn points for your team through participating (1 point per workout), so if you miss a workout you’re actually penalizing your team. You’re get points for placing top 3 in the Rx and scaled divisions. And the most points are gained for the Spartan award. The spartan award is given to the team each week who demonstrates the most effort, teamwork, and fun.

What if you can’t make Friday nights? All classes on Friday will be dedicated to 16.1. So just come to a regularly scheduled class and knock it out. Your team captain and/or coach will make sure you are judged. All you need to do is enter your score. If you can’t make Friday you have until Monday at 8pm to submit your scores. Just get with your coach and schedule a makeup time.
This is going to be a shit ton of fun. Don’t be nervous, be confident that you’re going to give full effort and that you’ll be surrounded by the best people in Southern Ohio.

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