Is Meth Paleo?

Is Meth Paleo?

WARNING: I’m not a doctor and/or nutritionist. These are only my opinions based on experience and common sense. Do your own research and make your own choices.

There are all kinds of pre-workout supplements on the market aimed at increasing your energy, performance, and everything else when it comes to your workout. The stuff is loaded with stimulants and promised to make you rage, slam bars, and hulk out. Unlike most supplements, typically this stuff works.

By working I mean it makes you feel like you’re face is going to melt off, you want to punch a nun, and you could wrestle bears and fight Chuck Norris.

You better be loaded up when taking on Chuck.

Here is a list of pre-workout supplements (see if you can spot the fake names):

“N0-EXPLODE” “Jacked-3D” “Black Powder” “Homicide” “Hemo-Rage” “Atomic Erection” “Assault” “C-4” “Craze” “3 Mile Island” “Donkey Punch”

You can find these supplements at your local GNC, just ask “Tim”, your local bro-scientist, behind the counter and he’ll assure you “they get you a wicked pump bro”.

And “Tim” isn’t lying, as a matter of fact if you’re taking the product CRAZE it’s got a METH like compound….no shit it really does.

According to a USATODAY investigation researchers discovered that CRAZE was “secretly spiked with a chemical similar to methamphetamine that appears to have its origins as an illicit designer recreational drug”. I’m not a nutrionist or doctor but I’m pretty sure METH isn’t Paleo.  According to one of the researchers;

“It has never been studied in the human body,” Cohen warned. “Yes, it might make you feel better or have you more pumped up in your workout, but the risks you might be putting your body under of heart attack and stroke are completely unknown.”

Click HERE for a news report on CRAZE.

Bottom line, we recommend you stay away from this stuff, especially if you’re hitting up classic CrossFit metabolic conditioning workouts. These pre-workouts will increase your heart rate and elevate your blood pressure, at pretty high levels in some people. I’ve taken them before and it makes my face tingle and heart race.

Guess what a nice combo of thrusters and burpees will do?

Elevate your heart rate and and blood pressure.

We are stressing our cardiac and central nervous system solely just by doing CrossFit. Done correctly and safely that’s what gives you results. Adding meth like “supplements” is a recipe for disaster. So you now you take a fire (CrossFit) and then had nitro fuel (pre-workout) to it?

Guess what can happen? All kinds of bad shit. Over the course of the last several years here are some first hand accounts I’ve witnessed people go through while taking pre-workouts supplements with CrossFit workouts. Don’t worry I won’t mention names, and although some may sound humorous they are 100% true.

1) A buddy was in the hospital for some intestinal blockage (this wasn’t attributed to the pre-workout supplement). However, the Dr. asked his family to leave the room after seeing his bloodwork come back. He asked my buddy if he was on meth. His blood results clearly indicated meth like substances. He of course wasn’t on meth, but was taking a pre-workout supplement

2) Multiple members come to CrossFit after coming from a traditional globo-gym background. They are used to taking a pre-workout when doing bi’s and tri’s and little to no “cardio”. They immediately complain of feeling light headed, dizzy, and nauseated. After some conversation we find out they are taking pre-workout supplements.

3) I saw a guy damn near pass out right after a competition. It literally looked like he was on Mars completely spaced out. After talking with him he no shit takes pre-workout every morning just to “wake up”.

4) My buddy did a competition and puked his guts out half way through after testing out a pre-workout supplement he had never tried.

5) Most seriously a buddy is laid up in the hospital for a few days after taking C-4 then doing a Hero WOD. A perfect storm of a stimulant, being dehydrated, and a hard workout gave him rhabdo.

What can we learn from all this?

1) A lot of my friends are serious meatheads and need to make better decisions.

2) Pre-workouts can put a hurting on you. CRAZE was found to have a meth like compound for crying out loud. So you’re gonna take METH and do FRAN? Most people think you’re already on meth if you’re doing Fran. If you’re heart explodes you’re cleaning it up, not me bro.

You guys are responsible adults and can make your own decisions. If you’re ONLY lifting, you might be able to get away with it. But why risk it? If you’re doing any sort of high intensity conditioning, do not use a pre-workout supplement.

What can you do pre-workout wise?

1) Get mentally tough. Use your own emotions and mind to fuel your efforts not supplements.

2) HOT, STRONG, COFFEE – Go old school, but the grounds in your mouth and use your own rage to boil them. Seriously, there’s nothing wrong with good old fashioned black before a workout. Just don’t add meth to it.

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