Introducing Strive for Strength: Beast Mode’s Blog

Introducing Strive for Strength: Beast Mode’s Blog

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A few days back our very own Ashley aka BEAST MODE asked me if I thought it would be a good idea to start writing a blog. I immediately replied with “HELLS YEAH DUDE”! And really I encourage all of you to journal/blog. It doesn’t have to be broadcast publicly if you don’t want. But it provides an outlet for your thoughts and a record/history of your life.

I won’t steal any of Ashley’s thunder except to say she is has been a tremendous example and source of inspiration for many of the female members at PSKC. She wasn’t born with muscles, pullups, and deadlifts…she trained to get that way. Please add her blog to your daily reading. You will not be dissapointed. – The blog of our very own Ashley!

Getting back to the compound, after Mudder Monday’s workout. We spent a lot of time introducing and refining the squat clean. Remember footwork is key! After skill work we went into a 8 min AMRAP finisher of:
4 squat cleans (115/85)
6 ring dips
8 overhead swings (70/53)
*we also hit a surprise 400 meter run at the end.

The 5pm class was PACKED! Close to 30 people in there cranking it! That’s awesome, but we offer 2 classes in order to spread out the equipment and resources. Plus it’s much more manageable for us as coaches to instruct proper form and correct faults when we catch them. So please try to split the group up as much as you can.

On Wednesday, we spent some time refining the double under and handstand pushup skill. Double unders can be very tricky…it just takes time. Ever see a jump roping ninja?

Here’s some more tips to focus on…

After skill time we went into a 3 round conditioning workout:

Barbell or KB snatches were permitted depending upon familiarity

Tonight we did a 20 minute AMRAP based off of the Crossfit Hero WOD “Bradshaw”
6 deadlift (225/185)
12 pullups
24 double unders.

Tonight taught us how to deal with frustration especially with double unders. It’s a new skill for us and just like anything else: more practice = more better!

If you’ve been around the gym for a while you’re familiar with the story of Derick Carver. He’s an old college friend of mine who is now a combat wounded veteran. Click HERE to read why there is a banner of him in the gym.

In this month’s edition of Men’s Health, there is great article of his story. Please click HERE to read the article and more importantly watch the video. You can get a small glimpse of what Derick is all about.

Finally, the gym will be closed on Saturday. A group of us will be headed up to Columbus to train at Rogue Fitness and then tailgate for the Wisconsin game. Get ahold of Zak aka C.U.W. if you want to meet up and hit up a trail run in Shawnee forest on Saturday morning.

Our next intro class will be next Saturday, November 5th at 10am. I’ve been getting lots of emails about wanting to start up. Please schedule that time for the intro so we can get you started down the right track at PSKC!

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