Introducing DOC SPARTAN

Introducing DOC SPARTAN

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Over the last few weeks we’ve been developing an all natural healing salve to help heal the minor rips, tears, scrapes, and cuts you encounter in the gym.

It all started when a member of the gym (Renee – mother of 3) wanted to develop a cream she could use to treat her kids. She wanted something that was safe and all natural, so she went to work in her kitchen and started experimenting. After she came up with a prototype we started handing out samples and testing in the gym.

The results FAR exceeded what we hoped for:

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The results speak for themselves. The Doc works. 

It’s not just for gym battle wounds either. We’ve had success on diaper rash, after shave breakouts, sun burn, any type of skin discomfort the Doc will treat it. If you’re living an active lifestyle you’re gonna get scraped up. Blisters and callouses from trigger time at the range, busted knuckles from working on your car, cracked hands from working on the farm, the list goes on.

The beauty is in the simplicity. It’s a simple recipe of 7 ingredients:


  1. Organic Naturally Refined Coconut Oil 
  2. 100% Beeswax
  3. Sweet Almond Oil
  4. Lavender Essential Oil
  5. Eucalyptus Essential Oil
  6. Tea Tree Essential Oil
  7. Vitamin E

The result is a great smelling, all natural ointment will heal you quick and most importantly get you back training. No one wants the annoying pain from ripped callouses, ass rash from situps, whip lashings from double unders, scraped shins from deadlifts, leg burn from rope climbs, etc. Give the Doc a shot – we standby the product and if you don’t like it we will refund your money, no questions asked.

Click HERE to order online, or you can pick up a tin in the PSKC store. Gym owners, if you’re interested in carrying Doc Spartan shoot us an email to learn more.

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