Inspired Effort..

Inspired Effort..


TONIGHT WAS AMAZING…If you missed you it, you missed one of the most inspired and determined nights we’ve had at PSKC. Everyone fed off each other’s energy and pushed one another to levels thought impossible a few short weeks ago.

It started by reviewing the swing technique. The swing can be the best exercise you’ve ever done…if done correctly..but it takes constant work and technique refinement. Tonight we focused on engaging the lats at the top of the swing…Why?

  1. It forces you to engage your entire body and maintain a tight vertical plank position at the top of the swing
  2. By engaging the lats, it will prevent you from hyper extending. Always remember stacked structural alignment “shoulder over hip, hip over knee, knee over ankle”. 
After the technique portion we moved into the strength portion of the workout focusing on two fundamental movements, the clean and press and pullups. 
Diane clean and pressing the 20kg bell
We did 2 X 1-3 ladders combining both movements…now this is where it started to get interesting. After the swing technique starting clicking with people, they were challenging each other to pick some heavy bells up…then bang out some pullups. 
Then it got pretty kick ass….the main effort was a descending ladder workout 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of:
Kettlebell Snatches w/s
Wall Ball
Everyone burned and sprinted through this workout…not resting between exercises, getting after it..pushing the pedal and everyone elevated the intensity level in the process. And the best part of the night was the end when everyone joined together and cheered the last person through the workout…together as a team. 
Thank you guys…this definitely lets me know where are on the right track. The future is blinding bright for you all…look how far you’ve come. Imagine what will come in 4-6-8 months from now…it all starts with setting goals…and it looks like the Z-Beast is getting pretty damn serious..
Speaking of goals…big congrats to Jill…down 25 lbs! Stories like this are not the exception…they are the standard for the machines at PSKC. If you’re out there reading this wondering…”Can I do this?..Is this for me?….the answer is YES. Now is the time for strength…for power..for self confidence…come join us…make the impossible possible. 
“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

Tomorrow you can take the first step at the intro class…Wednesday at 5pm!
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