In Defense of Cussing..

In Defense of Cussing..


PSKC is not cushy. There is no air conditioning, no climate control, no bullsh*t.  When it’s hot outside it’s gonna be brutal when we’re training. You have to be able to deal with the elements. Hell, last night we had to run while there was a fire going on making not so comfortable to breathe.

And if you guys start bitching about the heat, I’ll kindly remind you of January/February. When we had to put a heater on the kettlebells to defrost them.

Through grueling physical stress we teach you to deal with the elements. It’s equal parts making you physically tough and more importantly making you mentally tough. Case in point, I watched Les Norris fight through a workout that took her 27 minutes because she refused to substitute knees to elbows for toes to bar. That’s toughness in action.

So what is the mystical ninja trick that automatically make you the next John Wayne/Rambo/Chuck Norris hybrid? There ain’t’s called embracing the suck, it’s called fighting through. And you gotta do it on a routine basis. But there is something that might help you…your favorite four letter word….that’s right science says you swearing will help you deal with pain tolerance.

cussing while knocking out 50 toes to bar  is totally acceptable and even encouraged

As I’m doing my daily reading I happen to come across a post about the pyschological component of training and developing mental toughness (click HERE). The post mentions studies have shown that “swearing and music actually improve pain tolerance”. Immediately, I said sh*t yeah! Finely, for once, science is on my side. So I decided to investigate (via my good friend the Google) these studies…

Up pops a Time magazine article citing a British HERE:

“When we swear, we increase our threshold for pain, meaning we can bear it longer and don’t feel it as much. Stephens is not sure why this happens, only that for some reason, “swearing appears to increase our pain tolerance.”

“GO TO HELL” now there’s science backing up Mo

It also goes to further explain that swearing is a very primal response, etc..

And I think you guys know, if you’re around me enough, I tend to spice up my Southern Ohio vernacular with choice 4 letters words. For this, I make no apologies. To steal a bit from Bill Cosby, growing up I thought my first name was “damnit” and my sister’s name was “sonofabitch!” Just kidding dad, but old man Lou was a 5th degree blackbelt in swear words, and I inherited it early on. Let’s just say my time in Iraq didn’t help the situation much either.

whatever Shep said I can guarantee you it wasn’t Mother Trucker

So be warned, when you come to PSKC you will witness lots of amazing people doing amazing things. They will get loud, get excited, they will cheer you on…and we will cuss, this ain’t Sesame Street. People here are pushing themselves to the far extremes of their abilities and in that process the primal urge to lay out profanity will take hold. Please don’t take offense….after all it is science   :)

Also the music isn’t edited either, it’s raw and aggressive and odds are you’ll hear some bad words. I’m not using this as an excuse to machine gun out profanity, but some well timed 4 letter jewels are justified.

I will say this I do TRY and watch my mouth when the rugrats are around…but I’m not always perfect.

If you don’t mind a few curse words, and you don’t mind being around awesome people, then come down and check us out. We’ve got another great intro lined up for Wednesday at 5pm. Come join the most hard working and fun loving people in Portsmouth. It might just change your life…

See you sonsofbitches on Wednesday, and come ready to bust your ass!

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