Hydrate then Disinfect

Hydrate then Disinfect



It’s hot…really hot. It’s even way hotter in the gym. You’re pouring sweat 2 minutes into the warmup. The wizard loves to hunt in the summer months. Don’t be a victim!


A couple things;


1) It’s always hotter somewhere else, take for example a solider in Iraq with 60lb of gear in 120 degrees heat. So stop whining.




What is adequate hydration? A couple things will point you in the right direction.


Your piss must be clear. You should be drinking enough water that your urine is clear. In this heat in a non A/C building your pee should have no tint of yellow. If you do, you’re running a risk for dehydration and heat stroke. So you should be peeing pretty often and it needs to be clear. That’s the easiest recommendation.


If you’re a numbers person watch the video. Bottom line, take your bodyweight (e.g. 200lbs), divide in 1/2 (100) and that’s the amount of water in ounces you need to have in you at all times.  So if I’m sweating out 1-2lbs (16-32oz) I need to replacing that during the course of the workout of immediately afterwards.


Now that we’ve got you properly hydrated. You should be pouring the sweat. From 6am to the 730pm classes we’ve got hundred or so members sprinkling sweat. We’ve got a close community, but no one wants to slip and slide in your DNA. So if you sweat on it..spray it and wipe it up! We have 4 spray bottles that will be left out inside the rig. If you sweated on anything (bars, kbs, boxes, bumpers, medballs, abmats, etc) spray it and wipe it down. THANKS





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