Human Movement Has No Age Restriction…

Human Movement Has No Age Restriction…

Looks like somebody hit their first goal…her husband must be super cool

Sorry for the limited posts this week, been a little busy. Anyways, Beer and burpees rocked on Saturday. Not only was the workout killer, but it was just cool to tailgate outside the gym and hang out with everyone. As it gets warmer you can count on some PSKC socials..

Last Wednesday some more folks came to PSKC and got their first taste of kettlebell training, one of those being my godson, lil Akia. His father recognized the importance of getting young kids involved in an active “physical culture” from an early age. As lil Akia enters into junior high football next year, he will have an excellent base of strength and conditioning and in the years to come he’s only gonna get scarier.

Kids are no different than adults when it comes to working out…they want something fun, challenging, and rewarding…it’s really that simple. Can you imagine telling a young teenager to go do a couple sets and reps on the exercise machines then finish it up with 20 minutes on the treadmill/elipitical? That would last for about 2 days before the kid starts getting bored and fed up. So why are we suprised when we as adults do the same thing?

But what if you told the kid you want him to climb ropes and monkey bars, jump up on boxes, sprint, lift heavy things, slam medicine balls, learn to how to make your body push, pull, and squat….now you’ve got the kid hooked.

That’s why at PSKC you can have young teenagers training alongside 40 year old adults. Yes, the weights need to be lighter and/or different exercises may need to be subb’d out, and it may take more time to teach a young person the right technique for movements….but there is no age restriction on fun and challenging. Just imagine if you had this kind of training when you were growing up. Imagine how strong, fast, agile, and coordinated you can if you had trained this way the majority of your life.Big thanks to Carrie for helping lil man through the workout…that’s what being a family is all about.

Kid or adult, who doesn’t have fun when it comes to slamball?

So, don’t forget about the referral program and get the message. PSKC has changed so many lives for the better..people are doing things they never thought possible and because of that they are gaining a newfound self-confidence that is carrying over to all aspects of their lives. Also, setting an amazing example for people around them…here’s a quick story from Lara aka Lil Sis…

“So I’m swinging my kettlebell, doing a PSKC workout at home, and my Olivia says, ” wow mom, your arms are getting big like daddy’s!”Hahahaha- okay So, my 6 yr old has a BIG imagination….. But I’m hanging onto the compliment!!”

Here’s some of my favorite action shots of Lil Sis with her “big arms”

Great right? So get out there and keep spreading the positive message. Get them to the intro on Wednesday at 5pm and help them become a stronger, healthier, and more capable person.

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