How to Increase Your Pull Ups

How to Increase Your Pull Ups

Get ready for pull ups…and LOTS of them. This cycle we’re going to be training strict pullups 3 days/week (Mon/Wed/Fri). On Mondays you’ll perform the pull-ups in between your deadlift sets.

For example on Monday, if the strength portion is 5 x 5 deadlift at 60%, you’ll knock out your first set of deadlifts then bang out for your first set of pullups, rinse and repeat until all sets for BOTH exercises are complete.

Here’s the details of the program. This is taken from Pavel’s fighter program and modified somewhat.

The program is scaled to anyone depending on how many pullups they did and/or whatever band assistance they used. However, you need at least a 3RM on a band. Per Pavel;

“You start with an all-out set and then cut a rep in each consecutive set for a total of five sets. The next day add a rep to the last set. Then a rep to the set before that, etc.”

To make it Kentucky proof, here’s the deal:
1) You’ll always do a total of 5 sets.
2) Your first set will always be an “all out” set. Based on that number, you simply subtract a repetition for each following set (ladder down).
3) The next day you do pull ups, you add in one more rep in order to increase your total volume by +1.

This is an example of the first week for someone with a 5RM:
Monday – 5RM,4,3,2,1 (total = 15)
Wednesday – 5RM,4,3,2,2 (total = 16)
Friday – 5RM,4,3,3,2 (total = 17)

Next week we start back on Monday and begin again with another all out set. If this time you were able to get 6 on your all out set, your program would look like this:
Monday – 6RM,5,4,3,2, (total = 20)
Wednesday – 6RM,5,4,3,3 (total = 21)
Friday – 6RM,5,4,4,3 (total = 22)

Per the article, the higher the # of pull ups the greater the decrease in pull ups in between sets. For our purposes, once you have a 10RM you will subtract your sets by 2.
Monday – 10RM, 8, 6, 4, 2 (total = 30)
Wednesday – 10RM, 8, 6, 4, 3 (total = 31)
Friday – 10RM, 8, 6, 4, 4 (total = 32)

For you to really reap the benefits of this program it will require 2 main things:
1) Consistency, you need to do this a MINIMUM of 3 x days/week. The program is actually designed for 5 x days/week. So if want to, come to class early a couple days a week and knock your “homework”. Or you can actually do these at home as well if you miss a day in the gym.
2) Logging, you will need to keep a daily total of your total pull up volume so you know what number to increase on your next pull up day.

Coach Zak has even made this way too easy for you guys. He developed a customized excel spreadsheet that you can download. All you need to do is input your current pull up numbers into the spreadsheet and it calculates out your volume for you!
Click HERE for the program.

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