How do we get healthy?

How do we get healthy?


So now that we’ve been designated as the unhealthiest county in Ohio. What can we do to get back on track? Exercise…so what do you need to do? Come to PSKC…pretty simple. You’ll be instructed, coached, and motivated. We’ll get you strong and make you capable, plain and simple. You’ll lose fat and you will get strong.

Yes they are chicks and yes they are doing pullups..

But working out is only one part of the equation. To get truly healthy you’ve got to eat right..if you’re serious about being disease free and feeling well…you’ve got to have a sound nutrition plan. Stop inhaling grains and sugar….replace with sugar with fats….good fats.

By now, you know I recommend the primal/caveman/Paleo way of eating. It works…don’t believe me. Try it out for yourself. Give yourself 30 days and stick to it…you won’t want to go back.

Below are two posts I copied from Josh Bunch of Practice Crossfit up in Troy, Ohio. The guy is a great coach, athlete, and knows his stuff when it comes to nutrition. You’d be good to read his website everyday as he far more smarter than I when it comes to explaining why you shouldn’t crap…see for yourself and enjoy.

Pop quiz hot shot. Is it better to eat a 300 calorie meal, only to eat 300 calories worth of nuts and seeds two hours later because you weren’t satisfied. Or, be it more glorious just to smash 600 calories at one sitting and eat at your next scheduled feeding?
You are correct you very argumentative creature in the back, and in my mind arguing with me as I write. Saying, “well that depends on what your goals are”. Close the doors and turn off the text messages for thirty seconds and lets just assume we all have the same relative goal. Bad-Ass.
Bad-Ass= Lean. Not stupid lean, and a different lean for everybody, but void of that jiggly feeling, and with enough in the tank to still be fast. That kinda leanness where your family worries if you eat because you belly doesn’t hand over your belt as theirs does. Muscular. Not cantaloupe biceps, or quads that only fit into cheerleader skirts or kilts…but damn cool functional muscles that draw attention and others wish they had….that’s they say things like, “I just don’t wanna be that big”….translation-“I don’t want to work”. And of course strong enough to lift a car off a pinned child, or fast enough to grab rex before he leaps in front of that car. All with the composure of a saint…until you need to bring out that inner demon you keep for those all to special occasions. You know, that kinda Bad-Ass.
Now that we have that out of the way, the right and simple path to Bad-Ass as far as snacking is concerned is don’t. Even if its Paleo approved, and even if your under your normal caloric intake, grazing like a cow is worse than gorging like a lion.Think about it. Lions sprint, fight, and eat meat and fat, then sleep. They kinda mirror a CrossFitter. Quick all out short effort, then reward, then relax. Cows are vegetarians and graze all damn day. Lions gorge and are bad ass, cows asses are just bad.
Now if you are just famished beyond belief between meals I’m not saying the occasional snack will derail you plans. Nor am I saying avoid that 300 calories of nuts, until you almost gnaw your arm off until you order a pizza. I’m simply saying watch out for the offenders below, and ensure you employ tactics to ensure snacking becomes a distant happening, that has no relevance, as opposed to a daily offender giving you cow ass:
Four Snacking Killers
Right, like the millionth time we have went over this, but this is one of the main reasons why it would be better to eat fewer times in the day, and just bigger meal. Despite what the funny pages say. As you may know Insulin is simply a storage hormone. A variable cache of caloric energy shuttled to every hopefully healthy cell in the body. Spawned primarily from carbohydrate consumption.
But not entirely from carbohydrate consumption. Everything we eat potentially releases some insulin, and when we are in that fed state we fail to continue to burn fat. Eating until satisfaction, as opposed to stopping short, just to eat more soon after just means your bathed in the storage state more. And what do you wanna be better at..storing fat for hibernation, or burning fat for fuel?
Eating whenever you pass a bowl of anything demonstrates weakness and avoidance. Especially if it happens to be carbohydrate of sugar based. When this behavior is allowed to occur, your essentially putting up a wall to whatever is truly nagging that brain of yours, and your trying to silence it with dopamine released by the sugar…ahh addicts we are…its unavoidable. So pick another addiction.
Even the constant need to eat Paleo snack after snack is some form of crude self-therapy preventing us from dealing with a deeper issue, or stress. Hiding behind food, even Paleo food is a spiral that will end badly. Keep you hands off desk candy, brunch specials, and numerous Paleo picnics…carry a big jug of water, and every time you would snack…drink.
 Discovered in humans in 1994, and discussed via our blog heavily, Leptin is essential the master hormone of our entire existence. Produced oddly enough from our fat cells. And you thought fat was bad. Just as one can become resistant to insulin, one can be resistant to Leptin. And without going into a full on Leptin assault, the gist of it is, the fatter you are, the more resistant you are. The more resistant you are, the more hungry you feel because Leptin Satisfies hunger.
To ensure proper Leptin levels one must eat what this beautiful hormone comes from. Fat. Instead of 50% of your calories from protein, some from fat and some from carbs. Ensure that at least 60% of your total daily caloric intake comes from fat, followed by 30% protein or so, then the rest can be incidentally laced with trace carbs. Satisfy Leptin, end snacking.
WKO fed:
That little pre-workout “I’m a runner from the mid-ninety’s and I need to carb load” bullshit meal your still pounding prior to a WOD is at the very least ensuring you wont be burring anything during that WOD except for those particular calories. If your already where you want to be, and performing well, go for it, but if not, working out fasted should be your path everyday. And fasted is at least five hours without food.
The best pre-workout meal today, was yesterdays post workout meal.
Yes Bad-Asses snack. But its hard to be as Bad-Ass as possible with handful of food every thirty minutes because you think your stomachs eating itself. Its mush easier to simply eat more at each feeding, and keep the in-between meals to an absolute emergency, as opposed to a habit. Not only will your family and friends back off you about your ravenous hunger, but you may become even more predatory like our Carnivorous CrossFit friend the lion, as opposed to our vegetarians scale tipping cow.

And now a post on why Americans are shoveling sugar into our mouths…..

As I Pull into a local Coffee shop drive through for a morning Injection Im welcomed yet again by a Barista saying, “good morning, what can I get for you”? Me=”black coffee”. Barista=”would you like sugar and cream with that”?. Me=”Like I said yesterday, black”. Barista=”Oh I forgot, nobody does that, Ok can I get you a fresh muffin with that”?
After that I burned the %#^$ing place down. Ok maybe not but, these conversations happen at this, and just about every coffee shop I frequent in our little hometown, and I don’t particularly believe it is our little coffee bartenders fault either.
Of course they are instructed to offer such profitable items to the masses. Of course someone constantly getting the absolute bare minimum beverage a Coffee house can serve is a little boring and odd. Especially compared to Enorme triple espresso, skinny lady, soy infused heroin laced whipped top desert beverages, and cake on the side. Oh wait, if its the morning we call cake muffins then its ok.
Theses single serving “Add-ons” may not have added ever so greatly to our waistline,even though I’m sure they are a contributor. But apparently they seem to be taking more humanity out of the supposedly more human of us.
How They Get Kids:
We have becomes so clever at marketing, and up-selling we have trickled down to items like the below. Items that even I myself missed, but a friend made it painfully clear of a possible attempt to attract younger drinkers.
Several PCF folks have strolled in with a rather cleverly packaged new Pepsi item. An item that PCF sells in another form. “Gasp”, yup its un-paleo as shit. Remember Paleo Poser, not Paleo Douch.
The offending agent doesn’t necessarily stem from the fact that it has enough caffeine which is rather light for Rockstar. Its not that it has the fake B-vitamins that really don’t do shit. Or even the the other ninety items on the ingredients list that don’t pass a spell-check. Its the damn straw.
Some will argue the little straw pinkie up bullshit will sell well to the Sex and the City crowd who are just all to pretentious to place those pretty collagen filled lips over the ends of a lowly aluminum can…and this may very well be true. But the fact remains that it bears and odd resemblance to a juice-box of old. And juice boxes, or capri-sun esq designs find themselves all to frequent in the hands and lunch boxes of the young.
Personally I don’t really find any form of canned bullshit to be ultimately healthy. In my very human hypocritical state I argue why having one a day or so most likely will do nothing negative to me. One justification leaves room for more. And even a little $%#^ed…is still $%#$ed.
Weather or not a Rockstar a day is the gateway justification for an ice cream finisher is still un-proven. The jury remains out weather the Rockstar straw was intended as mentioned above, or just an oversight by hypnotized adults who should know better.
How They Get Us:
Our official hatred of change, rampant cynicism, and hypocrisy make adults a much easier marketing target than kids who smell those bad behaviors a mile away, and once they catch us, our kids follow. The reason is, adults are just big kids who have allowed this behavior to go on longer, and at some point we began to fold our moral code into the code of the land. Its not that they target kids…its that they weaken us, kids stronger than thou will eventually follows suit. Kids don’t make kids fat, we make kids fat.
“Im in a hurry, and can’t cook so I just leave pizza money for my kids most nights”. “I have no time for breakfast, anyways my kids love cereal”. This is what we heard…..this is what we do…this is how we die.
Sprinkle those en-grained hypocritical tactics with a side of the “I deserve” American attitude, add a pinch of “you can’t tell me what to do” topped off with a whipped “but they have it, so should I”. And you essentially have a marketing strategy that simultaneous makes all of us more dependent on stuff, not ourselves. 
Five year olds everywhere beware. Its not falling out of a tree, failing to look both ways when crossing the street, or talking to strangers. Its that ever so hypnotized hypocrite in front you infected by advertising, paralyzed by persuasion that actually believes a bowl of sugar in the morning is ok, because that’s what the T.V. says, and that’s what my Mom said. The loaded gun in the house may not be at the top of the closet, it may be in the pantry, and take longer to go off.
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