Hot Mess – Saturday Details

Hot Mess – Saturday Details

The past 2 days have been packed and rocking! On Tuesday we hit up some gymnastic practice with “skin the cats” and then went into a wizard friendly 8 exercise tabata circuit. See below for a small look:

Hot mess, the Destroyer, and T-Pain

Speaking of Hot Mess, I wanna give her a special shout out. Damn near everything she does is with perfect technique and form. Whether it’s squats, cleans, snatches, just keep on eye on Hot Mess if you want to see what something looks like when it’s done the right way. Oh and don’t worry Hot Mess, that pull up will come within 30 days from now, I guarantee.

Tonight we focused on the power clean for the strength/skill portion then went into a 12 min AMRAP of:
5 burpee box jumps
5 power cleans
5 ring dips
5 toes 2 bar

Friday we’ve got a great workout lined for the 9am and 5pm classes. Did you just say, “Dale, I’m a super achiever what can I do to prep for tomorrow’s workout?” Excellent question, you can start by watching this! PISTOLS!

Also, don’t forget let your friends know about us! Our next intro is this Saturday following the Pain Clinic at 10am. Also on Saturday on a group of us are heading out to the Elks to get our golf on! Any and everyone is welcome to join. We’re just going to laugh and have a good time. Meet us out there at 2pm! Make sure you wear a shirt with a collar.

Do your mobility!! Don’t worry if you don’t have the bands, do this anyways, just make sure someone is close by to wipe away your tears.

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