Honoring 3 of Ohio’s Own…

Honoring 3 of Ohio’s Own…

4APR12 – Afghanistan

During a routine mission a man drove up in motorcycle near American forces. Seconds later the motorcycle exploded in a suicide attack that resulted in the deaths of 3 sons of Ohio. Four other soldiers were injured in the attack. The commander of the unit these men served in described the deaths of the three as:

“Ohio lost three very, very good men — family men, well-trained soldiers, that were friends to us all,” LTC Baker said. “They would have done anything for us.”

Hopefully we all had to chance to spend time with our loved ones over the Easter weekend. The families of these 3 heroes will never get that chance. Three sons of Ohio set off to war to try and make the world a little better place. Three sons and close to 6500 other sons and daughters never made it back.

And I’m willing to bet the vast and large majority of Americans does not know a single name of the 6500…

Today was a special workout to honor the sacrifice of these three sons of Ohio. The workout consisted of:

1 mile run
37 kettlebell clean and press each arm
1 mile run
37 box jumps
1 mile run
37 burpee pullups

Each man was giving their own mile run. During that run it was time to reflect on that man and his family. It wasn’t a time to feel depressed and sad but be thankful that such men are here willing to serve and sacrifice. A time to honor…

The 37 reps signify the National Guard unit the men belonged to; the 37th Infantry Brigade Combat Team.

Please never forget our troops that have paid the ultimate sacrifice and the ones still serving in harm’s way. Never in our history has so much been asked by so small a number of soldiers.

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