Hike for Hospice – PSKC Style – May 14th

Hike for Hospice – PSKC Style – May 14th


Time to add another kick ass event to the Spring schedule. This time we’re gonna participate in the 5K “fun walk” for the Hike for Hospice. On Saturday, May 14th SOMC is putting on the annual Hike for Hospice, click here for the event details:

This is very special to me as it is a great cause in remembrance of two very special people who passed away from cancer, Tom Grashel and Courtney Clifford. I had the special privilege to know both of them very well. Tom Grashel coached me in high school and Courtney and I went to school together. Both of them demonstrated so many admirable qualities…fun loving, caring, and above all STRENGTH. I can absolutely say without a doubt if they were alive today they would be firmly kicking life square in the ass. So why not do the same to honor them? 

Plus Teresa Ruby is the Director of Hospice, and she is a proud PSKC kettlebeller.
So what exactly does a “fun walk” mean to PSKC?  Team Farmers Carry baby for the whole 5K course!…plus this will be awesome practice for the Gauntlet the following Saturday, May 21st. (make sure you register and pay this week at the gym) http://portsmouthspartankettlebellclub.blogspot.com/2011/03/pskc-gauntlet.html
Here’s how it works…you get 3-4 people on a squad (preferably 4); each squad has a 2 kettlebells. The first person starts off doing the farmers carry, goes until he/she is tired then the second person picks them up, then the 3rd/4th etc…you just keep cycling through the whole team for the entire 5k course. Pretty badass right?

Much props to my boy Uncle Mike from the Training Room for the inspiration…here’s his gym doing this event over the summer…
The standard weights are 2X53lb for male teams, and 2X35lb for female teams. However, you guys can pick whatever weight you want to. Or you don’t even have to do the farmers carry, you can just show up and root us on.

This is going to be an epic…and most importantly it’s for a good cause in remembrance of great people! Make sure you let me know who the teams are so I can provide enough kettlebells! 
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