Help With Your Kettlebell Swing

Help With Your Kettlebell Swing

One of the more common faults we see during the kettlebell swing is too much hyperextension in your back. At the top of your swing you should be braced and structurally aligned. In order to achieve this you should be able to draw a straight line from your shoulder through your hip through your knee and end at your ankle.

How you get into trouble with hyperextension is when your shoulder moves past the hip.

The best thing to do is break your body down into 3 major parts:

1) Ankle to knee – this should form a near vertical line with weight grounded into the floor through your heels

2) Knee to Hip – this will right around 45 degrees. Move your hips/butt straight back producing tension in your hamstring (loaded spring)

3) Your spine. This is always be straight, neutral, and braced. Never soft and rounded. In the backswing you’ll be inhaling air and exhaling at the top.

So with the video below we wanted to clearly show what a good swing looks like and then contrast that with what hyperextended swing looks like. Remember to always get a good deep backswing and use strong hip snap. But don’t leaning back at the top. Hope you guys find it helpful!

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