Hard work is making a comeback..

Hard work is making a comeback..

Truly worth a 1000 words, some people have a difficult way of saying “I love you”

Short post tonight, finally coming down off  a high from earlier. 42 people entered through the doors of PSKC to immerse themselves in a “Lactic Acid Bath” workout…it was an amazing energy in there tonight. People refused to quit on one another and encouraged each other to “hold the line”. That’s what happens here, pants/dress sizes are shrinking while strength and conditioning levels are increasing and people want to share it with their friends. Enlightenment through physical discomfort is a beautiful gift to give. 

We’ve been open for a month now, and it is more than I could have ever imagined and I’m excited about what the future holds… Come join the most twisted, sick, and loving family in Portsmouth. If you are willing to commit and give pure and beautiful effort … you are always welcome here, egos are not.

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