some people don’t wait until the New Year to attack their goals..

New Years schedule update:
Saturday 9am Pain Clinic
Monday 9am only (no evening classes)
Tuesday – regular schedule back in effect (5pm & 6pm)

You guys have made 2011 one hell of a ride. I’m working on a video slideshow to recap all the incredible stuff you all did and it’s truly inspiring. 1000s of pounds were lifted/swinged/snatched/pushed, dozens of miles were ran, and 100s of pounds were lost in the process. Throughout it all, we’ve grown in numbers and strength. And I challenge each and everyone of you to make 2012 stronger and better. Just keep fighting and kicking ass with a smile on your face (much like the Honey Badger’s above smile after she told that rope who is boss).

Be safe guys…look out for another, and have a great New Years, it is well deserved!

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