Team Kevin aka Team Linda

Team Kevin aka Team Linda

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Metcon (Time)

Teams of 3 “Linda”


Bench Press (185/125)

Squat Clean (135/95)

Deadlift (275/185)

Each Teammate starts at a station, completes 10 reps of the movement they are on , then rotate to the next movement, complete 10 reps, then the final movement, complete 10 reps. Teammates keep rotating through, lowering the reps by 1 each round, all the way down through 1 rep.
Shout out to PSKC Legend, Kevin aka Handyman. Hard work pays off, leading by example, setting a goal and following through. This workout is for you.

Also just for you, Masters Rx Weight: Bench (125/85), Squat Clean (95/65), Deadlift (185/125).

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