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Greatness Will Come

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Metcon (No Measure)


In A 40 Minute Time Period:

3 Rounds

-100m Offset Farmer Carry (Men RX 62/53, Female RX 44/35) Switch arms at the 50m mark

-10/5 Strict Pull-Ups

-10 Single Arm KB Sit-Ups/Per arm

4 Rounds

-6 KB Rows/Arm (53/35)

-6 Kneeling KB Press/Arm (53/35)

-10/5 Ring Dips (or bench dips)

3 Rounds

:30 plank

:30 handstand hold (hollow hold)
Here, we are building strength and focusing on breathing/tension.

Questions to ask yourself:

-Do you feel your core engaged when you’re doing the offset farmer carry?

-Are you feeling your lats tighten when you begin your strict pull up?

-Is your back tightened on the KB Rows? Are you bringing the KB all the way up to your chest?

-Is your core tightened on your kneeling KB press? Is the KB stacked over your shoulder, or are you pushing it away from your body/ear?

-Are you in a straight line in your plank, or are you letting your lower back fall? What about the handstand hold? You should feel like a pencil, pushing through the ground, butt hovering just over the position your hands are in?

By gaining bodily awareness and taking the time to focus on your positioning in these strength movements, you will become stronger. Take your time between movements to make sure you perform them correctly.

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