Great week of training in store!

Great week of training in store!

her name is Diesel…she does not break

Hope you all had a great weekend. We ended the previous week with some great workouts on Friday and Saturday. And we’ve got some great ones lined up for the next week. You’ll especially love Monday and Tuesday!

It’s also the first week of the it’s DUES WEEK. Make sure you stop in and get current for this month’s training. Don’t forget this is the last month for people to come in and get locked into the $50/month rate. After September 1st, the rates will be going up. So now is the time to get to make the decision to becoming stronger and healthier…and just flat out better.

Thanks to all those who helped out at the softball tournament we have some new Olympic bars and bumper plates that will be at the compound next week courtesy of Rogue Fitness!

Why do I always buy from Rogue? Besides the fact they are veteran owned and headquartered in Ohio..take a look at some clips and you’ll see why.

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