Great week lined up..

Great week lined up..

New PSKC logo for the hoodies! Great job Sara

We’re gonna change things up a little bit this week. I’m gonna keep it a surprise, you’ll just have to come down and see what’s in store. This week 15 of us are making the trip to Troy Ohio, to compete and have a little fun at the Crossfit Back at the Ranch competition. There are still some slots available until Wednesday. If you guys would like to come and watch that’s cool too! I know there’s some folks who are doing that as well.
Check out the last video promo:

If you are competing, I’d like for you to hit the workouts HARD on Monday and Tuesday, and then taper off from there. I’d like to see you fresh and ready for a full day of fun on Saturday. That’s doesn’t mean you shouldn’t come down to the gym. But I’d like to see you use that time to work on mobility and more importantly some skills we may encounter at the competition. The majority of the workouts will be kept a secret, but we do know we’ll see some combination of the following:
Axle bar deadlifts
Atlas stone (throwing, lifting, etc)
Olympic Bar (clean, jerk, snatch)
Rope climbing and/or pulling
All sorts of crazy and cool stuff!

So, use your time wisely, and if you’re not comfortable with any of those grab a coach and we’ll be more than happy to help! I’m pumped that we managed to get 3 teams and a couple of individual competitors for this. This will be an awesome time!

You guys have low back pain/stiffness lately? Odds are it’s because you have extremely tight hips

“Today’s mission is about understanding the relationship between missing hip extension, and extension based low back pain.  When athletes are getting up from being prone (think pop up in surfing or getting up after the pushup portion of a burpee) and they are tight in the front of the hip, they tend to create and extra “hip” joint right in the middle of their low backs.  Think about it.  If your hip is tight going into extension, its way easier to extend one of your pinche little spinal joints that that monster hip capsule.  You get the extension you are looking for and poof, two million extension episodes later (or one burpee challenge) and you’ve got a wicked case of brohken-itis. (Brohken is the technical term to describe someone that has lost spinal positioning under load btw.  As in, “Dewd, you are Brohken!)  How do we solve this problem?  Simple, open up the hip and control the pelvis spine relationship before you start moving quickly.  Slay the Brohken-Beast already.”

Check out what you can learn from a surfer bro…

See you animals at the 9am or 6pm on Monday! Enjoy your Sunday…

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