Get Your 1st Rope Climb

Get Your 1st Rope Climb

Coach Mo has patented a great progression for beginners to learn the most critical component of getting your first rope climb: THE FOOT LOCK

A couple things for this technique to work;

You have to have the prerequisite upper body strength to be able to hold your bodyweight on the rope. If you don’t, 2-3 times a week lay on the floor and pull yourself up to standing and lower yourself back down on the rope. Also, you can practice simply hanging from the rope (static holds). Start with a goal of 5-10 seconds and slowly building up time. Once you feel have the strength to hold yourself on the rope, time to practice the “Brazilian Footlock”.

The key to climbing the rope is all legs and less arms as possible. Even with veteran CrossFitters, when rope climbs are thrown into a workout, you want to be as efficient as possible. Having an ironclad footlock will enable you to do that.

Step 1: With arms bent approximately 45 degrees grip the rope (NOTE: do not fully extend your arms when grabbing the rope).

Step 2: With the rope on the OUTSIDE of your dominant leg, pull your dominant knee as high as possible – just like doing a knees to elbow.

Step 3: Your trail leg (non-dominant side) scoops the rope and loops it over your dominant foot (see photo)



Step 4: After the rope is “scooped and looped” , your trail foot steps firmly down on the rope which now sandwiched in between your feet, creating the “Brazilian Foot Lock” (see below)


Editor’s Note: The rope should be on the OUTSIDE of the dominant leg NOT inside your leg. This will create massive crotch burn.

Step 5: Extend your legs and go hand over hand and repeat the process (inch worming) up the rope until you get to the top.

The biggest problem we’ve seen with people attempting the rope climb is not being able to master the footlock. It can get frustrating and will take a few times until you “get it”. So for beginners, just like in the video. Simply take a seat. Sit on your butt, grab the rope and practice the “scoop and loop”. Once you have it, pull yourself up and repeat the process until you feel comfortable.

Hope this helps and if it does, we’d love to hear about your first rope climbs! Good luck!

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