GET UP: No Laying Down Rule

GET UP: No Laying Down Rule

When would the above photo ever be acceptable?

“Get up, my floor isn’t your bed” – Rob MacDonald of Gym Jones

A couple years back we instituted the “no laying down” rule at the gym. Since that time we’ve been fortunate enough to have an influx of new members. We thought it would be important to revisit this rule to help explain why we don’t permit lying on your back after a workout.

It’s almost a cliche in CrossFit to flop on the floor as soon as the last second ticks away or the last rep is done. Sprawled out, gasping for air..on your back on the floor. A proclamation of how hard you worked.

Work hard, that’s what you’re supposed to do. Now kindly get your ass up.

The workouts are tough…and they take a lot out of you…and you might “feel” like you have no other option but to lay down. But don’t…demand more of yourself.

You can kneel, you can sit down, you can crawl…

But never lay on your back. Not for anything nor anyone. Never let anything defeat you and put you on your back. Get up…you’re more than that, you’re tougher than that.

It’s about demanding more of yourself and believing in your ability to push on.

Something as simple as refusing to lay down after a workout, done day in and day out develops habits and cultivates a mindset of mental toughness.

GET UP…you never know when you’ll need to keep going.

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