Get to Know a Member: Cindi the Psycho

Get to Know a Member: Cindi the Psycho


Rare in life do you meet people whose positive energy is matched by their good nature.  In this installment of “get to know a member”, we are highlighting Cindi aka Psycho aka Sonic the Hedgehog. In the deepest darkest cave if Cindi walked in it would immediately seem like the brightest place on earth. Psycho has been training at PSKC for approximately 3 years. Her first workout she slingshotted out of the pullup band and fell on her butt. I immediately thought she was dead. She bounced off the floor with a smile on her face and went on like nothing had happened. Fast forward 3 years later and she took a 3rd place spot at the Gauntlet IV.  Her intensity, positive energy, and determination all are traits we can use a little more of.

“When I was 4 years old my parents signed me up for soccer, and that is when my love for physical activity began. I learned early that I was a competitor. Whether it was racing the boys on my team to be the first to the ball, competing against my brothers to see who was tougher, or challenging myself on how many bags of groceries I could carry in one hand, competition has always excited me. I love pushing myself & testing my limits to see how much farther I can go and being around people who do the same, while encouraging me to use my full potential.
I continued playing soccer throughout high school and into college. Once my collegiate career was over, I quickly realized how devastating it was NOT to be part of a team with other athletic & competitive minded people. My dad has always said “everyone has that ‘thing’ they do to relieve stress and find enjoyment”. Although I never put athletics into that category, it became clear that my “thing” was being physically active.
I continued to run on my own after college, and that was ‘okay’. But soccer is a team sport, so I was missing the teammate dynamic. I began seeing pictures of a girl my older brother went to school with (now Coach Ash), running, lifting, pushing tires, doing pull ups and all kinds of crazy movements. I NEEDED to know what this place was! I watched probably 10 videos, and my love and need for that atmosphere was evident. I immediately contacted her to get more information, and she encouraged me to contact Dale and come check it out. She warned me that it was kind of intimidating, at first, because it seems like everyone else knows what they’re doing, and that you have no idea, but that it wouldn’t last long. She also said Dale and all of the members are awesome and make you feel completely welcome. Boy was she right!

Contacting Dale and joining PSKC was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have always been ‘in shape’, so I was excited to see what it was about. Plus, I had never really lifted weights, so it was a brand new aspect of fitness for me. As soon as I took my Intro. class, I knew I was hooked. The atmosphere was exactly what I needed. There’s something about loud music, passionate coaches, & sweaty smiling faces that just makes you happy!
After my intro. class I was allowed to be a part of the regular class, and my first day just happened to be a “Mudder Monday” workout. These were classes to prepare a group of members for the Tough Mudder (a 12 mile obstacle course) that they were planning to compete in. Needless to say, that was an interesting class, and I realized just how NOT ‘in shape’ I was, overall. My entire body was sore, and I even wondered if I had physically hurt myself… but it was just the muscles of my body I wasn’t used to working out. I continued to go back again and again, and it wasn’t long before I was no longer sore all over. I was able to accomplish movements and lift weights that were previously out of my reach.

Over the past 3 1/2 years I have graduated from college and made career changes. During that time, one of my priorities has been to make time for PSKC. Sometimes your schedule isn’t ideal, so making time for the gym can be difficult, but it is a must for my sanity. The members, coaches, and workouts are therapy. It may seem crazy to say that having a work schedule that allows time for the gym is a must, but it’s the truth. Money is important. We all need it to survive, but happiness is more important.

That brings me to another amazing thing about PSKC and the people. This is not ‘just a gym’. We are a family, and we all care about and are involved in the well-being of one other. Through PSKC I was also put in contact with the manager of a new company that was coming to our area. Not only did I get the job, but now I have a perfect work schedule and I’m closer to home, which allows time for workouts and more time with my family. God truly knows our needs, and He places us with the people He knows we need!!
So with a great schedule and time to work out, I should’ve been seeing lots of improvement, right? Well, there’s one more piece of the puzzle that I hadn’t yet mastered. I had been working out consistently for over 3 years and could definitely tell I was stronger, but there was no major difference in my appearance and clothing sizes. What was I missing? FOOD! Not the lack of food, of course, but the lack of a balanced meal plan.
PSKC has held nutrition seminars with accredited individuals, informed us of what has worked for them, and given plenty of information on healthy habits, but until I was ready to make a conscious effort to eat correctly, myself, I wouldn’t see the results I expected. I was now equipped with the information, I had the concepts down, but I wasn’t making the effort to prepare! The phrase by Winston Churchill is so true…”He who fails to plan is planning to fail”, and that’s what I was doing. I would always put off cooking because, quite frankly, I didn’t enjoy it. It was too ‘time consuming’.
So about 4 months ago I saw a great blog on weekly meal prep (And I had already heard this idea, about 50 times before), but this time it clicked. I figured I would give it a shot. Little did I know, it would save me a great deal of time through the week. In the amount of time you can cook 1 meal, you can cook your other meals in your oven or on your other burners. Multi task! Within 1-1/2 hours, you have over 4 days of food (Lunch & Dinner). You simply refrigerate eat them over the next few days! It was a game changer! And I will continue this schedule for as long as I am able.
As far as my diet goes, I stick to a Paleo (aka primal plan), but I eat ANYTHING I want on Saturday. A great piece of advice Coach Ash said a few years back, is if you are having a craving and want something “bad”, then have it, but know that you have to work your butt off the next day; just don’t deprive yourself, or it will never stick. With that said, you have to have self-control, and you have to resist the temptation to over indulge. Most people have heard this before, but it takes 21 days to create a habit. Give yourself 30 to make sure it sticks. 30 days. Anyone can do something for 30 days to better the rest of their life. It’s worth it!
Over the past 4 months I have gotten stronger, moved down 1-2 pant sizes, and have been able to accomplish new movements that I hadn’t been able to achieve in THREE years of just working out. Of course the foundation was a huge help, but without the eating change, it wouldn’t have all come together. I am coaching a high school ladies soccer team this year, and I am physically & mentally stronger than I ever was as a high school athlete, almost 10 years ago.
I could never say enough wonderful things about the sport of Crossfit and PSKC. It is the people who make up the atmosphere which makes you happier after you walk through the doors!
We have Coaches who genuinely care about your well-being. They carefully teach every movement they will ever ask you to perform, will answer 100 silly questions for people who don’t understand, will ALWAYS be there to keep you safe, and best of all, they get you through work outs that you could never manage to get through on your own physically and/or mentally. Whether it’s Dale reminding us to focus and control our breathing, or others dancing and singing to take our minds off the task, our Coaches are always there to help us remember that this is about having fun and truly enjoying ourselves.

We have veteran members who look like they have done this stuff for 100 years and are simply amazing at what they can push, pull, lift & hold.

We have brand new members who remind us all where we began and who bring the most encouragement of all!

And we have nurses, firefighters, salesmen, grandmas, high schoolers, marines, veterans, teachers, college students, mommies, and pastors. And we all come together to encourage one another and have fun!

Are you the type of person who would enjoy having energy long after your children are worn out and appreciate having a group of people you can count on? Would you enjoy being able to walk out of the gym feeling proud of what you have just accomplished? That is what we have at PSKC, and we love welcoming new people into this amazing atmosphere and into our family. So, what are you waiting for?”

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