Get Ready to Snatch & Run

Get Ready to Snatch & Run

You guys were some squat cleaning machines! Applying proper focus on technique will allow the numbers to get there. Keep it up…

Tomorrow’s will be this week’s Mudder workout. It will involve kettlebell snatches. Some of you just got excited, some of you won’t come because you hate kettlebell snatches. Instead of staying at home, do some homework and come ready to be awesome. Take a second to learn from my boy Uncle Mike of the world famous Training Room in the Dirty Jersey…one of the best places I’ve been to train and learn.

Just because you’re doing high rep KB snatches does not mean your hands need to turn to hamburger meat. Some tips;

1) Trim your callouses down tonight. You need a nice leatherly layer of skin, nothing more. The more built up callous you have on the hands, the more meat you have to pinch, blister, then rip = no bueno.
2) DO NOT DEATH/CRUSH GRIP THE BELL. You only need to grip the bell with your fingers, hike through the legs in the loaded position, snap the hip, and punch the bell at the top transitioning to the PALM (not middle of your hand). Click HERE for grip saving tips.
3) Utilize the corkscrew method when returning through the legs of the back swing. Remember thumb pointing back towards the junk..

Don’t forget we’re gonna be rocking the Jingle Bell Jog PSKC style this Saturday at 9am. This will be incredibly fun and definitely memorable. The more people the better!!

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