Get Ready for the Gauntlet!

Get Ready for the Gauntlet!

QUICK SCHEDULE UPDATE: THIS WEEK’S INTRO CLASS HAS BEEN MOVED TO THURSDAY AT 5PM. No intro class on Wednesday, we rescheduled it for Thursday at 5pm. Make sure you tell your friends and keep spreading the word.


Stay tuned for full details regarding this Spring’s PSKC Gauntlet Challenge!! Mark your calendars, Saturday May 21st! You will not want to miss the one of a kind kettlebell strength and conditioning competition. There will be a total of 5 events, prizes will be awarded to the overall male and females competitors and top
40+ male and female competitors. Events will be:

1) Max strict pullups for males, flexed arm hang (chin over bar) for females for time
2) 5:00 Kettlebell Snatch test (max reps in 5 minutes)
3) Max number of kettlebell goblet squats in 2 minutes
4) 1/4 mile kettlebell carry, followed by 1/4 mile sprint
5) Surprise finisher event

Plus your registration fee gets you a t-shirt and free pizza and beer when it’s over…that’s how we roll in Southern Ohio baby!

Troy is getting jacked! Amazing what a couple of months of hard work can do..

Monday’s work was another Training Room inspired suffering ..6 minute non-stop sets of:
30 second intervals on each side non-stop (total of 1 minute of each movement) of:
swings r/l
cleans r/l
push press or jerk r/l
kettlebell one arm racked squat r/l
Kettlebell one arm row r/l
walkouts 1 minute
repeat 4 times…trying to move a heavier bell each time

Speaking of the Training Room; I’ll be heading out to the “Dirty Jerzee” at the end of this month to attend their weekend certification. I’ve been following Uncle Mike and the crew since 2007 and am very excited to learn from the masters and bring back the knowledge to PSKC. 

Also, I’ve been afforded another great training opportunity…I was offered a slot to attend a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer Certification up in Columbus at Rogue Fitness. Just want to say thanks to all you guys…all of this wouldn’t be possible if you guys didn’t make my dream a reality.

It’s a truly a pleasure to watch you guys become stronger, tougher, fitter, and healthier…I love things like the fact that the Z-Beast has to buy a whole new wardrobe, that the entire Staker family works out together, that new friendships/relationships are being formed, etc…so THANK YOU! See you all tonight at 6pm!

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