Get Locked in Now…

Get Locked in Now…

A few months ago we had a meeting at the gym to discuss to the possibility of becoming an official CrossFit affiliate. Obviously the response was an overwhelming yes. In order to become an affiliate there are some increased cost and commitment on our end. CrossFit gyms are more expensive than your normal globo-gym for several reasons, like everything in life “you get what you pay for”.

The bottom line at PSKC, we get you results. Not just the 6 week results where you turn back around….we stick with you. Your success is our success. We want the lifestyle changing results that will stick around for a lifetime.

strong is way hotter than “skinny”

We have a few things in the works.  We are in the process of getting more equipment, adding more classes and hopefully more space to accommodate our growth. All this will mean a raise in our membership dues.

However, more importantly, we also believe in customer loyalty above anything else. So here’s the deal:

For current members of PSKC CrossFit whatever rate you’re currently paying, we will lock you into that rate as long as you’re a member. Your loyalty and commitment means the world to us and we don’t take that lightly. So here’s what we need you to do to get locked in at that rate.

1) Enroll in online auto-pay
2) Sign a 12 month commitment contract*

*In the next few weeks we will have the contracts available for you to sign at the gym. After signing the contract if you want to cancel the contract you’ll have to pay $100 cancellation fee. 


Effective Monday May 6th we will implement the new rates:

$85 monthly unlimited with 12 month commitment
$75 – 1st Responder/Student Discount
*Requires 1 year contract and enrollment in auto-pay.
Family Couples are available.

$95 – 1st Responder/Student Discount
Family Couples are available.

Daily rate = $10

We will honor our current pricing/membership dues up until Sunday May 5th. So that means NOW is the time to get locked in at our current pricing. Remember to get locked in at the current pricing, you must enroll in auto-pay and sign the 12 month commitment contract. It’s that simple. Let your friends know now is the time.

If you have any questions or want to get started in CrossFit email to get going!

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