This weekend we are rolling DEEP up and over to Troy, Ohio for the 2nd Annual Back at the Ranch competition. Last year we brought a crew and had a blast and this year we have 21 folks from the gym signed up and ready to have an awesome time.

Please check out the video clips below so you’ll be well informed of the standards and some possibilities of what to expect. (Who doesn’t love ponds, ziplines, and obstacle courses?!?!)


As you can see, expect ANY AND EVERYTHING!  Which means you need to prepared accordingly. Like the old wise Pops says “it’s better to have more food than to go hungry“. Yeah, I don’t know what it means either but here somethings that will be good to have.

-Extra pair of shoes and extra socks, also tall socks if you’re worried about your delicate shins. Remember “blood makes the green grass grow”. 
-Change of clothes; weather appropriate clothes. Weatherman says hi of 76/low of 49 and 0% chance of rain. 
***Make sure you rock your favorite PSKC swag. Keep your fingers crossed, Infidel HQ busted their ass to get some sweet comp team shirts. Hopefully the postman can make the delivery by Friday. If so, we’ll pass out the shirts first thing in the morning. 

-Whatever the hell you wanna swim/workout in

CHOW/WATER: you’ll be getting in at least 3 workouts stretched out over 6 or so hours. So make sure you bring extra water and snacks/in between workout recovery (pack a cooler between teams or whoever)

WORKOUT/WARMUP GEAR: whatever kind of shoes, braces, wraps, tape and belts you normally use make sure you got them.The coaches will bring a few bands, PVC pipes, and foam rollers to warm up. But it’s always best to bring your own. 
Bring a lawn chair or something to chill out in. Also, wouldn’t hurt if someone could bring a canopy for use to establish a beachhead location. 
Finally, don’t get all freaked out and let the competition gremlins make you nervous and throw you off your game. Where else can you get away with pond swimming, obstacle course running, and working out all in the name of charity? Remember this event is for ALL levels, if you can’t do something as prescribed, no one cares and there will be modifications for everyone. 
Enjoy it…have an amazing time! The beer will taste great afterwards. 
P.S. We will rally afterwards at Smokey Bones in Vandalia off of 75 on the way home. 
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