Gauntlet VI – Showdown at the Stadium

Gauntlet VI – Showdown at the Stadium


The Showdown at Spartan Stadium proudly brought to you by Rogue American Apparel and Doc Spartan! We’ve outgrown PSKC and we are now taking the Gauntlet to the historic Portsmouth Spartan Stadium, home of the one of the NFL’s original teams – the Portsmouth Spartans.

40 Teams co-ed teams (2 male/2 female) will be competing for the chance to win the coveted the Gauntlet Tomahawk. You’ll have the chance to throw down on the same field where Jim Thorpe once played.

Expect the unexpected – yes we will be testing your fitness, but more importantly your ability to think on your feet, communicate, and develop a strategy as a team. Nothing is off limits this year, track, levee, fields, walls, stadium steps, this will be insane.

Plenty of awesome vendors on site, free Rogue American shirt included in the price of admission, and most importantly a portion of the proceeds goes towards benefiting Team Some Assembly Required! Plus a killer after party afterwards. A chance to get together, support a great cause, and drink some cold beer afterwards.

Register now, slots go QUICK! Close to 50% of the slots are already taken. Click HERE to register!

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