WOW! What an incredible competition! This past Saturday was unreal. We were flooded with 80 competitors, several hundred spectators, and an army of judges and volunteers who all came together to put on one amazing show. One thing we want to express is our sincere gratitude to everyone who had a hand in putting this together. A LOT of hours and hard work went into this and we cannot thank you all enough!

Event 1 was the “OTIS” sponsored by Stakers Drugs. Otis was a 6 minutes to establish a 1RM in either the Snatch, Thruster, or Shoulder 2 Overhead. 1.5 points/lb for snatch, 1.25pts/lb for thruster, 1pt/lb for S2O. We capped the weights at 225/135 on Snatch, 255/165 on Thruster, and 315/205. If you hit those weights you moved onto the finals.

In the finals we had 2 guys tie at 250 on the Snatch, and Keeney hit a 285lb thruster. The girls went 150 and 145 on the Snatch.

Next up was the “Donna” sponsored by Donna Wolery Insurance.

7 minute cap

6 rounds of:

6 x deadlift 225/155

8 x burpees

*First 2 rounds were regular burpees, rounds 3-4 were bar over burpees, and rounds 5-6 were burpee pullups



The last event was the “JULES” sponsored by UNCRATE – 10 minute cap

50 overhead kb swings (53/35)

40 Wall Ball

30 KB Snatches (15 each arm)

20 Power Clean (135/95)

10 Front Squat (135/95)

*remaining time was Max Effort Toe2Bar

From there we took the top 4 male and female finalists and had them square off tournament style. Winner take all.

The finals were:

5 minute AMRAP

5 x Thruster 135/95

2 x rope climbs

rest 2 minutes..

2 minute max calorie row * however screens were switched with the person you were facing off against.


BIG CONGRATS TO YOUR WINNERS! Cassie Erlenwein and Rafael Delgado!

To the victors go the spoils!


Thank you all so very much. HERE’S TO GAUNTLET V

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