Nelson rocking the new PSKCSTRONG shirts, now available in the online store.

We are officially sold out for June 14th’s Gauntlet! We’re very humbled and honored and be sold out 9 weeks in advance of the event. We have a total of 48 dudes and 32 chicks who will display their awesomeness in a great environment. We are pumped and are cooking up lots of things for you guys. The new building is perfect for hosting this along with the support of some great sponsors equals an awesome time!

If you missed you the announcement on the event Facebook page, the first event will be strength based. You’ll have 6 minutes to work up to heavy max of….it’s still a secret. We promise we’re offering something you haven’t seen in a competition for the first event. We will be posting teaser videos to help you prepare.

WAITLIST: Didn’t make it in? No problem, please still go to the registration link and get on the waitlist. Typically, as it gets closer to the event people have to drop due to last minute scheduling conflicts. Those that are on the waitlist get first dibs.

JUDGES/VOLUNTEERS: We’ve got 80 of you psychos competing, which means we need a BUNCH of judges/volunteers to pull this off smoothly. We want to do as least heats as possible to keep the day running quick, so we need your help. If you’re not competing, please come down and help. We’ll hook you up with free beer and goodies for your troubles. Email

SPONSORS/VENDORS: If you’d like to come out and support the event and have a booth to display/sell your goods, email we’d love to have you on board. We’ve got 80 competitors and are estimating around 2-300 spectators. It’s a great opportunity to your name/product out to the local CrossFit community.

Thanks again guys. This is one of the highlights of the year and we’re pouring everything we’ve got into making this one of your favorite competitions.

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