Gauntlet III – one week out!

Gauntlet III – one week out!

Airdyne Bonding Time

It’s Gauntlet week! We’re wrapping everything up and in the final prep phase for an amazing day on Saturday. If you have volunteered to judge, please shoot an email, we’re currently finalizing the lists for judges and volunteers. Don’t forget judges get 1/2 half of the awesome Gauntlet shirts!

This Saturday in Portsmouth we’ll have 70 competitors coming from all over the state of Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Indiana, and West Virginia! It will be a great showcase of the regional CrossFit talent and community. So even if you’re not competing please feel free to come down and watch some awesome people do some amazing things. If you’re curious about CrossFit or never have witnessed a competition up close, we’d love to have you. Don’t forget a portion of the proceeds will go towards Battling for Boston. We’ll have event t-shirts for sale the day of the event for spectators.

For PSKC members we’ll have these available throughout the week so you can have them in time to support your fellow PSKC’rs on this Saturday!

For competitors, we’ll put some standards videos this week so you can be prepared. Have a great week and we’re looking forward to an amazing and supportive competition this Saturday!

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