Gauntlet Event 2: One Week Left to Register!

Gauntlet Event 2: One Week Left to Register!

There it is, we know event 1 will be good old fashioned deadlifts testing your strength. With event 2 we want to go try out your conditioning, and nothing better than kettlebell snatches. Is that all it will involve? How long will it take? What’s the set up? These and many more questions like them will be answered on June 2nd. But you gotta register before next Saturday, May 19th registration will close to allow us enough to order shirts and get our logistically ducks in a row. So click HERE to register! Don’t forget a portion of the proceeds will go towards our local Marine Corps recruiting station so they can purchase some much needed fitness equipment to conduct PT with future recruits from the area.

Also in the last couple days more sponsors have jumped on board to help make the event a success and help out our future Marines. So big thanks to the following companies:
Southern Ohio Medical Center
Relaxation Station
Nelson Medical Massage
Fred’s Pizza
Buffalo Wild Wings

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