Gauntlet 9 Info Dump!

Gauntlet 9 Info Dump!

This is an attempt to give a massive info dump for Saturday. Here are your heat assignments:

The event will be run “Shotgun Cannonball” style. Meaning once your heat starts you will work straight through 3 events covering 3 different locations over the course of 90 minutes. A new heat will start every 30 minutes. Each event from start to finish will last around 30 minutes. NOTE – this includes travel time to the event. The longest distance will be going from event 2 (across the street) to event 3 (levee) approximately 4 blocks away (6 minute walk) .

In order to make this happen we will be running a tight timeline with lots of moving pieces and people. We need your help to be on time, be where you’re supposed to be, prepared, ready, and flexible with us. Our goal is to give you guys an unforgettable and fun competition.

This is the timeline:

Here is a boring/lengthy video describing our planning process going into the event – but it does do a good job of describing the event and all the moving pieces going into it.

Area Layout – See below on where to park and where you can setup.

Event Layout – see below for the area of operations

Saturday Morning: If you’re in heats 1-3 (Fast Exerciser) you need to be here registered by 0800 for the Master Briefing covering the description and standards for the events. We have already released Event 1 Video on the Event FB page and will be releasing the remaining ones this week. PLEASE watch them and post your questions to the comments. The better prepared you guys are coming into the event the better/smoother it will be everyone.

Heats 4-5 (Not So Fast Exerciser) be here no later than 1 hour before your designated start time. You’ll need to check in and register and you can watch some of the heats ahead of you to get a good feel.

Here are the workout descriptions:

Event 1: “FusterCluck” sponsored by Graf Custom Hard Wood

For Time – 15:00 cap

10 x syncho burpees

10 x syncho T2B  (hanging knee raises)

5 x squat clean thruster 185/125 (95/65)

10 x syncho burpees

15 x syncho T2B (hanging knee raises)

10 x squat clean thruster 185/125 (95/65)

10 x syncho burpees

20 x syncho T2B  (hanging knee raises)

15 x squat clean thruster 185/125 (95/65)

10 x syncho burpees

25 x syncho T2B  (hanging knee raises)

20 x squat clean thruster 185/125 (95/65)

  • 2 athletes must work together on the burpees and T2B
  • Only 1 athlete working at a time on the clusters
  • No prescribed order – athletes can tag in and out as necessary at any time as long as the work is completed.
  • If the team is time capped – one second will be added for every rep not completed.


EVENT 2: “Jigsaw” sponsored by Frazie Wealth Management & Deadbolt Escape Room

15:00 Relay AMRAP

Puzzle Buy In (5:00 cap)

Remaining time for Team Relays for reps – only one person working at a time.

A: (male) 15 x cal row + sled drag up and back

B: (female) 6 x KB snatch each arm (35/18) + sled drag up and back

C: (female) 10 x cal row + sled drag up and back

D: (male) 6 x KB snatch each arm (53/35) + sled drag up and back

    • As soon as you solve the puzzle you will immediately begin the workout and begin scoring reps. If you fail to solve the puzzle you will be time capped after 5:00 and only have 10:00 to score points.


  • NOTE: Do not send people to event 2 ahead of time to gain intel. Just don’t be that guy. If we catch you cheating you will be kicked out. 


  • Sled weights 70 for males / 45 for females
  • Teams must establish order and stick to the order for the entire event.
  • You must cross the demarcated area with sled and physically tag your partner before they can begin work.

EVENT 3 “Waterski” sponsored by Donna Wolery Insurance

15:00 AMRAP

A: Levee Sprints x 2

B: Max Cal Ski

C: Wall Balls (20/14) (14/10)

D: Rest

  • Athletes B & C will be racking max reps on the ski and wall ball at the same time athlete A does 2 levee sprints. When athlete A is complete:
  • Athlete A then tags B and starts skiing
  • Athlete B then tags C and starts wall balling
  • Athlete C then tags D and begins rest
  • Athlete D begins the levee sprints
  • This order continues for the duration of the event.

The team must begin and stay in M/F/M/F order


We will take the top 4 teams in the “Fast Exerciser” division to the finals. The finals are “winner take all”. Finals workout will be announced the day of the event.

AFTER PARTY: The after party will begin immediately after the competition up the street at Patties & Pints. It will feature live music by Clifton Ross and the release of 3rd & Court’s beer – River Rat Ale!

Judging: Our judges are volunteering for this event for you. Please be kind and respectful – if there are any issues please see the event leader or myself and we will square them away. We won’t tolerate anyone being rude or otherwise uncool.


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