From Weakness to Aggression

From Weakness to Aggression

Even in an incredibly supportive environment, YOU are the one that has to get through it

Yesterday we conducted a workout inspired from GYM JONES . Quite simple on paper, take 2 kettlebells (35m/18f) and perform 100 X Double Clean and Press. The only problem is that once you start you cannot set the bells down. The only authorized “rest” position is in the farmers carry position.

If the person tapped out and quit before they reached 100 reps, the penalty was 25 burpees to be completed on the spot each and every time until the 100 reps were completed.

This physical test was grueling. But much more important was the ability to silence and redirect the mental chatter throughout the course of the 100 rep odyssey. Pretty early on the thoughts of negativity and weakness enter the brain. From a coach’s perspective it’s fascinating to watch how people respond to when they are immersed in a pool of discomfort.  Immediately, the face/eyes/body language start to display what the mind is thinking…

immediate regret from setting the bells down
“There’s no way I’m gonna make it through this, I’m only on rep 17 and my shoulders/arms are toast. I can barely hold on..

So then the immediate option is let’s rest…so the individual drops the bells into the farmers carry position. A maximum of 3-6 seconds of rest is achieved before discomfort settles in…then the battle begins. By rep 25-30…you really start to find out what’s gonna happen. Right now the choice is purely and solely mental…at that exact moment you are choosing your are planting the seed for future success or a visit to the burpee reaper. It’s at this exact moment when negativity creeps into your brain…that you choose to feed into the thoughts of pain/weakness/discomfort OR you immediately INTERDICT and RE-DIRECT. 

I recently completed the 12 month Unbeatable Mind Academy (UMA) course created by SEALFIT owner Mark Divine. UMA is designed to teach the lessons of developing mental toughness and forged an unconquerable spirit. CMDR Divine speaks in great detail on the ability to tame the mind from negativity. I’ve discussed before the parable of the Courage vs. Fear Wolf and how ultimately whatever energy (positive vs. negative) you feed your mind will takeover your life.
The 100 x clean and press workout was an opportunity to “witness” what your mind will do and more importantly your ability to overcome. First and foremost the battle is won in the mind first. 
In the UMA you learn to develop the ability to WITNESS. This is the ability to check in and see exactly where we are mentally. What thoughts are racing in our brains/minds..are they positively or negatively charged? (fear vs courage wolf). 

Secondly, and most importantly is the ability to INTERDICT. For example at rep 17, through our ability to “witness”, we quickly realized we were experiencing some discomfort and we had 83 more reps to go. After that thought entered your mind..what did you do next? 
For some it was…“I GOT THIS. I’ve been here before. Every rep makes me stronger” A great example of interdicting the negative thought pattern and replacing with positive/aggressive statements. 
engaging in an offensive mindset
For others it was “ohhh shit…there’s no way..I’ve got 87 more to go..I can’t get through this. It hurts to even hold the kettlebells.” Without the ability to interdict negative thought patterns, quitting becomes an easier pillow to swallow. 

The next step is to RE-DIRECT. After we’ve acknowledged the weak/negative thought pattern, and stopped it through interdiction….now we must now immediately replace/re-direct positive aggressive statements/thoughts/mantras. For some I recommend you become angry at the thought of quitting. Re-direct the thoughts into aggressive positive statements. 

Then we just rinse and repeat. Every new negative/weak thought..we simply repeat the process. WITNESS
And before you know it…you go from rep 17 and suddenly you’re at 97 with only 3 more to go. Stronger mentally and physically along the way.

Too often in life, people allow themselves to be the victim of their story. Blaming others and situations….negativity breeds negative outcomes. Be the person others lean on….not the other way around.

“It matters not how strait the gate,

How charged with punishments the scroll.

I am the master of my fate:

I am the captain of my soul.”

William Ernest Henley 
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