From Man to Beast: the Transformation of John to GRIZZ

From Man to Beast: the Transformation of John to GRIZZ

from “Fat Dad”
to the GRIZZ

From self proclaimed “Fat Dad” to the “Grizz”, in 60 days, John transformed his mind first, then his body followed along for the ride. Read John’s story in his own words about his 2 month PSKC journey..

“Close to 60 days ago I stumbled upon a Facebook page that I saw on a friend’s page called Portsmouth Spartan Kettlebell Club – PSKC. I checked out their website and sent the owner Dale King, an email explaining my interest in getting my life back and how I wanted to play with my little girl and not be the “Fat Dad” that after 5 minutes of playing with her I was too tired.

for the love of family

 I explained to him how my self-esteem was at an all time low. The only constructive thing I did was get out of bed and even that was with a scowl on my face. When Dale wrote me an email back he was nothing but positive insuring me that every human being sees their darkest days but it’s the choice we make to either “embrace the suck” or lay there like a dog and watch the world pass us by.

So what did I choose? I chose STRENGTH. I didn’t want my life to be defined by weakness any longer. Before I even started working out Dale pointed me in the right direction. I bought the “Paleo Solution” by Robb Wolf, read the book and started my Paleo Challenge the next day. On September 5th, I walked into the gym 243lbs, a heavy smoker and a depressed individual. I met Ann Jewett for the first time and she literally put me through hell. I couldn’t breathe and all I wanted to do was quit after that first day. To this day she still puts me through hell, but I do it faster and with a smile on my face. In the beginning, it was miserable but there was something about that place, something about watching people go through a workout and after it was all over still being able to smile and hear them say, “can’t wait until tomorrow.” I was attracted to it. I wanted that!

John’s enthusiasm and will gave him the spirit to compete at Back at the Ranch

I haven’t looked back since! To date, I’ve lost 2 pant sizes, 28lbs and over 7% body fat. The best part of all of this is it’s make me a better person. I play with my daughter every chance I get and she’s having to keep up with dad now. I hug my wife and tell her how much I love her everyday and help her more than I ever have. I no longer have the scowl on my face when I wake up in the mornings to go to work. I also no longer smoke. It makes me appreciate my life for what it is. I won’t say it’s been easy, but if it were easy what would be the fun in that?

it’s just the beginning of an awesome journey

To Dale, Ann, Monica and my entire family at PSKC, THANK YOU. You guys have changed my life.”

Pretty damn cool. What’s even better is one of the main reasons Grizz joined PSKC was because he read the transformation story of Troy aka the MACHINE, a 49 year old animal who is in the best shape of his life. Behold the power of the internet.

One man’s story about how his life was changed for the better was broadcasted for the whole world to see and another man’s life was changed because of it. They now work out alongside one another and push each other to be better than they were the day before.

Grizz is another shining example of what happens when you apply the proper amount of discipline to your nutrition and workout. He’s exactly’s not an easy road. But at PSKC you don’t have to do it alone.

That inner animal is somewhere inside each and every one of us. Society wants you to stuff it down, not to work hard, to be complacent. Eat their processed foods, watch their television… all the while a piece of you dies each day.

For those out there reading this and that are in the same situation, stop waiting. Unleash the beast, free that intensity that is within you. Come down and…attack..FIGHT. Take a stand against the “norm”, against mediocrity…find a goal..find a challenge. Most importantly…become better. That’s what Machine did and it inspired John to throw away the cigs and junk and become the GRIZZ. That’s what we do every day we train at PSKC, we become better..TOGETHER.

Come join us…

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